Fourth Year Dramatists showcased their acting talent in the devised play Brainstorm. The cast of eight Hamptonians began rehearsing in November 2020 and finally performed on the Hammond Theatre stage in April 2021.

The play follows the lives of a group of angst-ridden adolescents and delves deep into the different parts of the teenage brain. The actors’ excitement at performing in front of their peers was palpable and the livestream production captured the dramatic tension of the young actors perfectly.

Drama teacher, Miss Beth Tiller, who directed the Fourth Years warmly praised all involved:

Brainstorm was a unique production, with a ‘blueprint’ structure provided by Ned Glasier, and the rest of the content created entirely by the cast. The boys created authentic and believable characters, communicating the highs and lows of the ‘teenage brain’. The process was a challenging one, with lockdown halting our rehearsals and causing us to postpone the performance for four months. However, the cast were all incredibly dedicated throughout and the end result is something we are all proud of. I could not have asked for a better bunch of creative and inspiring pupils for my directing debut here at Hampton.