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I hope you have all had a lovely half-term break, and I am sure that you are all excited by the news that we will be back in School very soon! This week saw the start of the hotly anticipated Inter-Form Quiz competition. Good luck to all the forms and may the best team win!


A big well done to the following boys for reaching their merit milestones this week!

Rohan Muktieh – 10

Evan Rutter – 10

Alex Rust – 40


The Inter-Form Quiz is a good chance to earn some points for your Form for the overall Inter-Form Competition, but more importantly, it is always brilliant fun! Each Form is represented by a team of four quizzers. The format of the competition is as follows:

  • Four people on a team, one of whom is the captain. If you have a squad of more than four, you can rotate the team so everyone gets a chance at some point in the first two matches.
  • First there will be a starter question. If you know the answer, you must buzz in (more on this later) as soon as you know. Interrupting the question is allowed if you are brave enough. You can NOT confer with your teammates on starter questions.
  • If you get a starter question wrong, someone from the other team may buzz in without conferring (the quizmaster will finish the question if they were interrupted).
  • If nobody gets the starter question right, the quizmaster will ask another. Whichever team answers a starter question correctly will then be asked three bonus questions.
  • You can confer with your teammates on bonus questions and your captain must give the answer for your team.
  • If you get a bonus question wrong, it WILL be passed over to the other team. You might want to bear that in mind when you are conferring, as the other team will be able to hear you.
  • All correct answers (starter or bonus) are worth 10 points. Every point will count towards your overall standing in the competition.

This is the schedule of matches. Quizzers, make sure that you accept the MS Teams invitations you are sent for your matches and be sure to join the sessions promptly. Each match will last between 15-20 minutes in the group stage.

Friday 26 Feb 12.35 2B v 2L
1.00 2J v 2H
Wednesday 3 March 12.35 2L v 2P
1.00 2W v 2J
Friday 5 March 12.35 2P v 2B
1.00 2H v 2W
Wednesday 10 March 12.35 The Final


Eddie (2J) provides an update on football over the lockdown period!

This Monday, we received the results of the lockdown football competition that finished just before half term. There were four different sections and various challenges to complete in each section, with each challenge earning a different amount of points. In the year group, in terms of entries, the A’s and B’s had the joint most, with 9, followed by the D’s. However, out of the U12’s, U13’s and U14’s, none of our teams made it into the top 3, with two of the top 3 coming from the U12’s and one coming from the U14’s. Despite their level entry numbers, the U13 A’s were the winners of the age group, followed by the U13B’s, with Joe Turton being the top performer of the A team. Up against the U12’s and U14’s, the U12’s were victors, with around 4500 point, the U13’s second, with around 3300 points, and the U14’s third, with around 2900 points.

Cook-along with Chef Paulie

We know how many of you enjoyed the recent Thursday Night In ‘Nacho Night’ with Head Chef Paulie. Lots of you cooked along and made some delicious posh nachos – so, are you ready for another one?

Get prepared to rustle up a classic homemade beef burger + toppings, alongside a delicious halloumi burger with grilled vegetables!  Chef Paulie will be ably assisted by some brave Hampton teachers – with varying degrees of culinary expertise!

Book here for Thursday Night In on 4 March at 7pm.

The ingredients and equipment list is attached below so you’ve got plenty of time to get ready. No previous cookery experience required so everyone can get involved – First Years through to grandparents!

Creative Writing Awards

There’s still time to get your entry in for this year’s Creative Writing Awards! The deadline is Monday 1 March. So, if you have some spare time this weekend and have always fancied seeing your work in print, then why not give it a go?

To enter, write a short action adventure story of no more than 1,000 words and email your entry to CreativeWritingAwards2021@hamptonschool.org.uk.

All information can be found on the Firefly section for the Creative Writing Awards link below:



Thank you to Falak (2B) for sharing his music composition with us! Please do send in your own music files and or performances if you have been getting creative over lockdown!


Crazy Golf – Have a go at creating your own crazy gold course in your house and or garden! Send in a photo of your course, or ideally a video of it in action and we will share these in next week’s blog! Trivikram (2P) has provided this plan for a potential course to get you thinking!

Recycle old receipts – Lots of us end up with lots of old receipts that we no longer need and tend to just throw them away. Thank you to Trivikram (2P) for sharing with us an ingenious way of recycling old receipts that certainly sounds like a lot of fun to have a go at!

How to make (tissue) paper from old receipts:

1) Rip up the receipts into small bits in a bowl

2) Add a bit of water so that all the paper is soggy.

3) By hand, tear it all up again until it is a mushy liquid.

4) Add some PVA glue

5) Get a wire clothes hanger and bend it to the shape of a rectangle.

6) Get some tights and spread it across it so that it is taut (make sure you have permission to use them!)

7) Put it on a baking tray, and add a few sheets of baking paper under it.

8) Pour a bit of the pulp on to the wire hanger-tights contraption, and put a plastic bag on top of it. Use a rolling pin to make a thin layer over the tights.

9) Leave to dry. This may take a few days.

10) Result! It won’t be as good as printing paper, more like tissue paper.


Have a go at our weekly trivia questions and send in your answers for a merit!

This week’s questions and close up images have been set by Trivikram (2P)

1) How many strings are there on a violin?

2) Why did Mozart write ‘Theme from quintet for clarinet and strings’?

3) Which OS is most popular for laptops?

4) True or False: Did Beethoven ‘recycle’ Theme from Piano Sonata op.49 no.2 from an earlier Septet?

Guess the close-up!

Last week’s picture was: E. Coli

What is this a picture of?

Answers to last week’s trivia questions!

  1. How many micro plastics are there in the sea (approx.)? 51 trillion!
  2. How many marine animals are killed each year due to plastic pollution? 100 million marine animals.
  3. How much plastic is produced each day? More than 1,000,000,000 tonnes
  4. How many plastic bottles end up in landfill each day? About 60 million bottles.
  5. How much plastic do people eat each year (through the ecosystem)? A huge 250 grams!

Have a great weekend!


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