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The Third Year boys both fell silent and found their voices during Form time this week. Thursday was our annual Remembrance Assembly where the boys paid their respects and honoured all those who have lost their lives in conflict and war. Mr Moore, Head of History, spoke about the importance of national remembrance events and reminded all the boys of the true meaning of remembrance. Some moving and thought-provoking accounts from members of our School community about relatives of theirs involved in World War Two can be found here:

remembering world war two

On Monday, the Third Years embarked on the first of three PSHE sessions designed to develop their oracy skills. It was great to see their debating skills on show and over the next couple of weeks they will look to enhance the finer skills of orating successfully. Who knows, the ability to make a powerful speech or a convincing pitch in the future might just make or break their careers!

Heads of Year Message

The week started with a wave of optimism surrounding news of successful vaccine trials and the potential for a phased ending to national restrictions on the horizon. We would like to remind pupils and reassure parents that, until such a time that government guidance is altered, we continue to require all boys, parents and staff within the School community to adhere to the measures in place to mitigate the risk of transmission and safeguard our health. Thank you to everyone involved for your patient cooperation.

We wrote to parents earlier this week with information about Digital Awareness and e-Safety. Please do take the time to read through the information provided, consider whether any measures need to be taken to support positive online behaviour and e-safety at home, and discuss these matters with your son.

Best wishes

Mr T Rigby & Miss V Smith

New Boys’ Concert

Many congratulations to Phillip C, Harry G, Eric T, Oliver L, Keshav R, Benjamin W, Mayank K, Theo L and Alex T for their excellent performances in the New Boys’ Concert, recorded last week and broadcast on Thursday. It was lovely to see their substantial talents on show and we are all looking forward to seeing future performances from these excellent musicians!

Festival of Carols

The Third Year members of the School Choir will record their pieces for the Festival of Carols on Saturday 21 November from 11am, as well as rehearsing as normal on Wednesday at 12.35pm. The finished pieces, containing contributions from all year groups, should be something quite spectacular!

National Homemade Bread day – Tuesday 17 November

I’m sure that you’re all following The Great British Bake Off as avidly as I am (Ed – Hermine for the win!) and if, like me, you’ve been inspired to get in the kitchen and cook up a storm, then perhaps National Homemade Bread Day on Tuesday this coming week is right up your street!

We’d love to see some photos of your homemade breads so get those mixing bowls out and show us what you can do! Send any photos of your efforts to j.neville@hamptonschool.org.uk and we’ll feature them in next week’s blog! Happy baking!

3G Baking Update

Boys from 3G have been busy cooking up tasty treats for their families – from cookies to chocolate brownie cupcakes. Take a look at some of the goodies they’ve been concocting in the kitchen:



The catering team are keen to receive creative and eye-catching posters for their ‘Waffle Wednesday’ competition.

The poster must be in Landscape format and include the following information to promote the delicious Belgium waffles available once a week at breakfast:

  • Waffle Wednesday
  • Every Wednesday
  • 8 – 8.45am
  • Belgium waffle with a choice of toppings
  • Selling at £1.00

Alongside the information, you can include any enticing images e.g. drawings, paintings, photographs or clipart to promote the waffles.

Save your poster as a JPEG file or in Word or PowerPoint so it can be converted into an image file; don’t forget to create your poster in Landscape format! Put your name and age on the filename.

The best poster will be displayed on the digital signage around School and you will win £10 in breakfast vouchers.

The deadline is Monday 23 November at 9am. Email your ‘Waffle Wednesday’ entries to: kitchen@hamptonschool.org.uk

Good luck and Bon appétit!

Computing challenge

This week, the Third Year boys have been taking part in the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge 2020. The challenge is open until the end of next week and we are looking forward to seeing how the boys have got on when the results are out soon afterwards! Fingers crossed!

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion competition

There is still an opportunity for all Third Year boys to submit a piece of work reflecting on the themes of diversity, equality and inclusion in our society. With entries closing on Monday 16 November, Dr Hendry and Mr Nicholson are looking for analytical essays, creative prose responses, poems, pieces of art work or music, playscripts, or indeed anything creative at all in response to one of the following stimulus statements:

  • ‘One should be judged by the content of one’s character alone.’
  • ‘We study stories, but we need to study the stories of those we have previously ignored.’
  • ‘Much of accepted scientific and mathematical knowledge has been attributed to white, European heterosexual Christian or Jewish men of wealthy or aristocratic backgrounds.’ Identify and highlight the research and academic advances of an overlooked individual who has contributed to our collective understanding of the world.
  • ‘Inequalities in political power and wealth have disproportionately influenced public knowledge of history.’
  • ‘Our national cultural life does not reflect the multi-culturalism of the society in which we live.’
  • ‘Civil rights legislation has promised much but changed little.’
  • ‘A modern understanding of Biology has deconstructed race.’

Entries should be submitted to s.hendry@hamptonschool.org.uk by the date mentioned above. The entries will be judged by a panel of teachers drawn from a variety of departments across the School.

Best of luck!

Biology Quadrats

Asa J (3F) tells us more:

In Biology this week, 3F moved their lesson to the Cloisters to measure the percentage of broad leaved plants in an area of high light and in an area of low light. We did this by making two 10m by 10m areas and then getting random coordinates to make a quadrat. Then, in that quadrat, we estimated what percentage of the grass was covered in broad leaved plants. We found that the area with more light had more broad leaved plants than the area with less light (underneath the Hampton School Mulberry tree) because the broad leaved plants had outcompeted the grass in that area.


Question of the week

Congratulations to Keshav R (3G), Avinash G (3A), Monty N (3E), Ishan P (3H), Tristan T (3C) and Oli C (3A), who all submitted the correct answer to Mr Griller’s Maths question in last week’s blog. Do remember to ask your Form Tutors to give you a merit!

Have a great weekend!

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