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It is hard to believe that we have completed our first half term of the year, and you should all be very proud of the way in which you have adapted to all the new changes and challenges! It has been a busy last week and a special mention to 2P for organising their fantastic Form Charity Event! I hope that you will all enjoy a well-deserved rest over the holidays!


Well done on collecting more merits this week! A special mention to Avi Bhatt for his two certificates – congratulations!

Alex Rust – 10

Jian Graffe – 10

Leo Luczkiw – 10

Xavier Fricot – 10

Nathan Navarro – 10

Avi Bhatt – 10

Eddie Haycock – 10

Avi Bhatt – 20


This week, thank you to Raphael (2W) for his quick-fire interview with Mr Draganov; one half of 2W’s Form Tutor team!

When you were in Second Year, what did you want to do as a grown-up?

No idea. I did not think that far ahead.

What are the subjects that you hated the most at school?

Art, Music and DT

What brought you to Hampton?

The beautiful area and calibre of the School.

How did you get interested in chemistry as a subject to teach?

I enjoyed the practical work and theory.

What are your interests outside of school?

Karate, Muay Thai, Football, Travel

Have you ever used your karate skills in a difficult situation?

Not exactly!

Has a chemistry experiment ever gone wrong?

Many times

What’s your favourite food?

Pizza, Meat

What kind of music do you like?

All sorts, including international

What do you like most about Hampton?

The people

Black History Month – Essay Competition

During Black History Month 2020, Hamptonians are being encouraged to reflect on the themes of diversity, equality and inclusion. As part of a range of initiatives taking part across School life, and as part of our ongoing listening exercise with members of our community, Hamptonians are being invited to reflect on the themes of diversity, equality and inclusion. Pupils from all year groups are welcome to produce a piece of work, find out more here:

schoolwide competition


Oracy – by Eddie (2J)

In 2J, we started presenting our oracy presentations this week, with a choice of whether or not we were to work on privacy or freedom of speech. The previous weeks we had been writing and finalising our presentations with a great deal of thought and research, as well as thinking about how to present, going over points such as eye contact and making your speech interesting, and not just speaking in a monotonous tone. Everyone who has performed so far has paid great attention to detail throughout their speeches, with the major point that most had to work on making sure that everyone says an equal amount. Nevertheless, it was clear that everyone had worked hard on their presentation and had put a lot of thought in, with all those who have presented delivering great speeches and receiving mostly positive feedback from the teachers and their peers, with constructive criticism also being given so that the remaining presentations can be the best possible.


Golf – by Henry (2H)

On Thursday I went to the golf club it was very fun. The club is located behind the hard courts near the Garrick. There are two nets and the club start from 12:35 to 1:05pm for First and Second Years. As I was the only Second Year there I got the whole net for myself. At golf club you can pick from a range of clubs available. In conclusion I found this very fun and would totally recommend this to anyone else.


Space and Time by Falak (2B)

Take a look at this fantastic video produced by Falek on this fascinating topic currently being learnt in Physics!



A huge well done to 2P for organising such a brilliant event for Form Charity this week and raising over £50! The other Forms are currently finalising their charity events to be held after the half term break.

2P Form Charity Event by Zaid (2P)

On Wednesday 14 October, the Second Year movie afternoon took place. With a great turnout, almost 30 people joined us to watch the film ‘Murder Mystery’. Around £50 was raised, and this money will go towards the charities that we support as a school community. Most of the efforts came from Trivikram P (2P). But Zaid A (2P), Shane K (2P) and a few others also helped out with the event. The film was shown in the lecture theatre, and was split up into three parts so that people could get into lunch on time. It was shown on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It was a really popular movie, and everyone who watched enjoyed it, including me! An excellent charity event, and there will be more events throughout the year!”


Raphael (2W)

The first half term is coming to an end. I’m sure everyone will be relieved to have a break for two weeks. It has been hard to adapt to the new COVID system at School but I can safely say we have done pretty well. All of the year are extremely grateful of the School’s effort to keep them coming in and seeing their friends in person rather than through a screen.

Lots of things have changed and I was very sad to be missing a lot of lunch time clubs that I normally go to. Even though there have been some setbacks we have still found ways to be creative and have fun. I can say that we are all looking forward to coming back to School after the short break. A big thanks to the School for putting in all the effort they have to keep our community functioning and safe.

Patrick (2H)

This half term has certainly been eventful. It was almost impossible to predict or prepare ourselves for the challenges that COVID-19 could bring, but we managed to troop through it and succeed. The half term was somewhat normal (excusing the new rules) until some of us found that we were required to self-isolate at home. Whilst it was quite unexpected and challenging to say goodbye to our friends we knew it was for the best. Teaching in two locations at once has been a new experience, and I am looking forward to seeing my friends again after half term.


Last week’s theme was ‘Autumn’, take a look at this impressive winning entry from Xander (2B)

“I wanted to try a more abstract scene to try and capture the texture and muted autumnal colours. I used mixed media of charcoal, pastel and crayon”

Have a wonderful half term!

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