As part of a range of initiatives taking part across School life to mark Black History Month 2020, and as part of our ongoing listening exercise with members of our community, Hamptonians are being invited to reflect on the themes of diversity, equality and inclusion. Pupils from all year groups are welcome to produce a piece of work in response to one of the following themes:

  • One should be judged by the content of one’s character alone.’
  • ‘We study stories, but we need to study the stories of those we have previously ignored.’
  • ‘Much of accepted scientific and mathematical knowledge has been attributed to white, European heterosexual Christian or Jewish men of wealthy or aristocratic backgrounds.’ Identify and highlight the research and academic advances of an overlooked individual who has contributed to our collective understanding of the world.
  • ‘Inequalities in political power and wealth have disproportionately influenced public knowledge of history.’
  • ‘Our national cultural life does not reflect the multi-culturalism of the society in which we live.’
  • ‘Civil rights legislation has promised much but changed little.’
  • ‘A modern understanding of Biology has deconstructed race.’

Pupils can choose the medium they wish to work in. For example they can submit an analytical essay, a creative prose response, a poem, a piece of art work or music, a playscript, or another form of work of their choosing. There is no minimum or maximum word limit. The deadline for submissions is Monday 16 November. One winner from each year group will be selected and winners will receive a £75 Amazon voucher.

Entries should be submitted to by the date mentioned above.


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