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Heads of Year Message

We were so impressed with the creative endeavours of Third Years this week!

The Creative Skills Enrichment Morning on Tuesday was a great success allowing boys to explore and develop a new creative skill using digital resources. Feedback from boys taking part across the year group was overwhelmingly positive. Thanks go to Miss Teunissen for arranging the morning and to all the Third Year boys who participated with such enthusiasm. The follow-up session on Thursday also enabled those boys who are completing an Arts Award to collect essential feedback for their portfolios. Well done to those of you who are working hard to complete your Arts Award project by the end of June.

GCSE Options and Setting

Third Years submitted their GCSE option choices back in January and parents have received a letter this week from Mr McBay (Director of Studies) confirming those option choices and setting arrangements for Fourth Year. If changes are needed to option choices before the end of this term, please could parents contact Mr McBay and the Heads of Year. If parents have any queries regarding the setting arrangements for next year, please contact the relevant Head of Department (cc’ing Mr McBay and the Heads of Year) in the first instance.

Registration (reminder)

Daily registration on Firefly by 8:45. Form Tutor registration on MS Teams at 8:45-8:55 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Form Tutor periods on MS Teams from 10:15 on Mondays and Thursdays.

Grade Cards (reminder)

Given the unusual circumstances this term, end of term grade cards will be issued in an amended format. Third Years would normally receive four grades at the end of Summer Term: Exam grade, Term Attainment grade, Classwork effort and Homework effort. This term, however, you will receive a single Term Attainment grade (1-4) in each subject which will incorporate the result of the end of year assessment, as well as attainment measured through remote tasks and classwork completed this term. You will also receive a single Effort Grade (1-4) in each subject which will incorporate the usual Homework and Classwork Effort Grades.

Interform Competition

This week’s challenge is particularly worthwhile in supporting the local community through food banks – please note that evidence must be emailed to Mr Neville (j.neville@hamptonschool.org.uk).

As always, please do let us or your Form Tutors know if you are having any difficulties.

Enjoy the weekend!

Best wishes

Miss Smith & Mr Rigby

Virtual School Competition RESULTS: Hampton v Sevenoaks

Well done to all the Third Years who took part in this fixture helping Hampton secure the win!

Some stats for Third Year Hamptonians:

48 Third Year participants

858.95 KM total Third Year distance

Mr Neville did his bit to help by cycling 100 miles – what an achievement!

Take a look at what some of our teachers got up to as they took part in the challenge:

Richmond Schools’ Virtual Competition on Wednesday 24 June

We are very excited to announce that our next virtual schools fixture, will be the Richmond Schools’ Virtual Competition on Wednesday 24 June, which is open to all boys, parents and staff.  This fixture takes place during National School Sport Week at Home, so it would be great to have as many of the Hampton community involved as possible.

The competition involves any walk, run or cycle, with evidence to show the total distance of your activity.  The activity does not have to be continuous (if for example, you wish to perform some interval training), but the evidence needs to show the activity from start to finish.

Results will be compiled in the following ways:

  • Engagement of pupils (percentage of each year group participating)
  • Average distance per age group

To enter the competition, please click here to complete your entry, adding a screen shot of an activity tracking app as your evidence.  The activity must be completed on Wednesday 24 June, with entry forms completed by Thursday 25 June.  To complete an entry for a parent, just click on the link again and fill out the details for your parent, clicking the parent category.

We would like as many Hamptonians, staff and parents as possible to get involved – it does not matter how far you walk, run or cycle, just that you are active!

Some important Health & Safety points for pupils:

  • Before you take part in this activity, please let your parents know you are doing it (they have been sent a copy of this email) and perhaps ask them to come along as well.
  • Any route that you use must be pre-planned and safe.  Where possible, we would recommend that you complete your activity in an area with which you are already very familiar, particularly if you are doing so on your own.
  • Ensure that you stay suitably hydrated and wear sun cream if the weather is hot.
  • Current Government guidance requires us all to continue social distancing, so be mindful of this when completing your activity.
  • Before you take part in any physical activity or exercise, please ensure that you are fit and healthy and there is no reason why you should not do so.
  • When taking part in any physical activity or exercise, there is the possibility of physical injury.  This is particularly true of activities in which there is only a limited opportunity for supervision and correction of anything that you may be doing incorrectly.  By undertaking any activity, you are agreeing that you do so at your own risk.

Good luck, should you choose to get involved!

Hampton School Music Department Co-Curricular Challenge

I am delighted to announce the Hampton School Music Department Co-Curricular Challenge! We are looking for pupils from any Year Group who wish to be involved in this exciting musical adventure.

Upon appointing a Captain and Vice-Captain, you and your team members will complete a number of musical challenges – these range from recording a 30 second review of your favourite band/album, to making an instrument out of anything you have around the house, to performing a cover song, to seeing how many scales or arpeggios you can play, to teaming up and setting practice challenges, to a whole team podcast/blog/vlog…the list goes on! You’ll be able to communicate via MS Teams in your own team channel (with a member of staff allocated to your team), and upload all your submissions here.

I will be allocating points to each team for every challenge (there are opportunities for bonus points, individual points, and whole-team points) and the winning team will get fame, glory and some kind of prize…* there will also be a concert in the Hammond upon our return to the School site showcasing the best.

Get involved, make music regardless of your experience, and enjoy working with other boys across the School.

All you need to do is reply to Mrs Oldfield’s email to be involved.

Mrs Oldfield

The Comedy of Errors

Our Lower School dramatists have recorded a series of podcasts retelling Shakespeare’s classic play The Comedy of Errors. Third Year pupils Shayo and Patrick tell us more about it:

To listen to The Comedy of Errors, click here

Lockdown Art Competition

The Art Department invite you to share any creative work that you have completed during lockdown!

Creative Skills Enrichment Morning

This online event was held this week to support those Third and Fourth Year boys who are completing the Arts Award this year (this event is in place of the usual Arts Award Leadership Day, which would be held on site).  The Third Year boys spent periods 1-3 learning new skills from tutorial videos made by boys working on their Arts Award and left feedback on these. In periods 4 and 5 they produced a mini creative project of their own, inspired by some of the tutorial videos they had watched, before uploading this to Firefly for discussion with their Forms during PSHE on Thursday.

Here are some of the feedback comments from the Third Years:

  • “I really enjoyed it – it was different and interesting. I learned loads of new skills and put a couple of them to the test. It was inspiring what my classmates have created, all of the people doing the Arts Award have done a really good job with their tutorials.” Matthew 3A
  • “It was really interesting to see what other people have created. All the videos I watched were really informative and I’m sure all the other videos were like this. A good balance between educational and fun projects which was great.” Zaki 3C
  • “All in all, I really enjoyed the morning and I felt that it inspired a lot of creativity in me. I liked how the tutorials enabled you to go in your own direction after watching them so our projects were not just replications of what was created in the tutorials.” Caleb 3D
  • “Really exciting and interesting to see the variety of topics people know in depth and how you can have a go as well. I used a mix of art skills to have an enjoyable time creating my piece.”  Oliver 3E
  • “I really enjoyed seeing what lots of the people in my class and year have been up to and it inspired me not only to draw that part of the comic strip but to maybe do an arts award next year!” Oliver  3G

A flavour of the tutorials and creative projects produced can be seen below:

Third Year Wellbeing

Here are some top tips for looking after your mental and physical wellbeing during the lockdown period:

  1. Stay active – get some exercise every day.
  2. Complete your daily online lessons and tasks.
  3. Speak to your friends and family.
  4. Find time to read a book.
  5. Give yourself some space and time to reflect.
  6. Keep your room and workspace tidy and clean.


The next and final Interform competition of the year will be a “Food Bank donation” competition!

We would like you to send in evidence of the items you have donated at your local food bank.

Food banks can be found at any major supermarket and also at Hampton School (Opening times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11am – 2pm).

Please send your evidence via email to Mr Neville (J.Neville@Hamptonschool.org.uk).

One point will be awarded for each member of the form that sends Mr Neville evidence of their “Food Bank donation” before the entry deadline – i.e. your form could earn more than the 9 points usually available for a win!

The deadline for entries to the competition is Monday 22 June.

Have a great weekend!

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