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Heads of Year Message

As we approach the final three weeks of the School year, it is a good time to reflect. We’re asking Third Years to reflect on a number of things at present.

Following assessment week and supported by an activity in PSHE next week, we’re going to ask boys to reflect on their efforts and performance in the assessment tasks. As we wrote last week, learning from the elements that you got wrong (or could improve) is as important as recognising which elements you got right.

As part of the final interform competition of the year (see details of the “Food Bank Selfie” challenge below) we’re challenging boys to reflect on what they can do to support their local community during a time of hardship for many people.

In light of the global anti-racism protests initiated by the death of George Floyd in the USA, we have asked Third Years to spend time reflecting on the important issues arising and the relevance to their own lives.

In different ways, each of these present challenging topics for reflection, but it is important that we do not shy away from them. We would welcome contact from any member of the Third Year who is struggling with, concerned about, or wishes to discuss any of these topics.

Grade Cards (reminder)

Given the unusual circumstances this term, end of term grade cards will be issued in an amended format. Third Years would normally receive four grades at the end of Summer Term: Exam grade, Term Attainment grade, Classwork effort and Homework effort. This term, however, you will receive a single Term Attainment grade (1-4) in each subject which will incorporate the result of the end of year assessment, as well as attainment measured through remote tasks and classwork completed this term. You will also receive a single Effort Grade (1-4) in each subject which will incorporate the usual Homework and Classwork Effort Grades.


We have now returned to the original remote learning registration schedule.

Daily registration on Firefly by 8:45am. Form Tutor registration on MS Teams at 8:45-8:55am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Form Tutor periods on MS Teams from 10:15am on Mondays and Thursdays.

Form tutor meetings

Some small group tutor meetings were postponed this week due to the important PSHE lesson on Thursday, but they will recommence on Monday during period 3. You may wish to use the meeting to update your Form Tutor on what you did over half term, review assessment week highs and lows, look ahead to the rest of term and the summer holidays, and/or discuss your reaction to the Wellbeing Survey questions completed on Thursday 21 May.

Interform Competition

This week’s challenge is particularly worthwhile in supporting the local community through Food Banks – please note that “Food Bank Selfies” must be emailed to Mr Neville (j.neville@hamptonschool.org.uk).

As always, please do let us or your Form Tutors know if you are having any difficulties.

Enjoy the weekend!

Best wishes

Miss Smith & Mr Rigby

BBC 500 Words Winner

Congratulations to Vishal Saha (3G) who won the final of the BBC 500 words competition live on Zoe Ball’s breakfast show (BBC Radio 2) this morning. Vishal was selected as a finalist out of 135,000 entries, so to win is a remarkable achievement.


Clapping hands sign

To listen to Vishal’s short story being read by David Walliams and his winning interview with Zoe Ball, please take a look below:

1557 Challenge

Are you looking for more to do in lockdown?  Have you been asking yourself, “How can I have some fun AND raise money for charity?” Well, Form Charity have got just the thing….  The 1557 challenge!

We want you to take the number 1557, chosen because it was the year Hampton School was founded, and interpret it however you want to raise money for our four Form Charity partners:

  • Mary’s Meals
  • Make a wish Foundation
  • Momentum
  • Off the Record Twickenham

You could build a lego tower using 1557 bricks, or see how long it takes you to do 1557 keepy uppys.  You could even write a song in just 15 minutes and 57 seconds and then perform it to your granny on a zoom call – the possibilities are endless.  No food wastage though – so if you were planning on eating 1557 skittles, think again!

Charities are really struggling during lockdown, and need our help more than ever, so your participation could really make a difference to someone’s life.

Go on – have a go and make a difference!

The Comedy of Errors

Coming soon… look out for next week’s exciting premiere of the Lower School podcast of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors! It promises to be a hilarious production from our dramatists.

Virtual School Competition: Hampton v Sevenoaks, Sat 13 June

We are very excited to announce our next virtual schools fixture against Sevenoaks School on Saturday 13 June, which is open to all boys and staff.

The competition involves any walk, run or cycle, with evidence to show the total distance of your activity.  The activity does not have to be continuous (if for example, you wish to perform some interval training), but the evidence needs to show the activity from start to finish.

Results will be compiled in the following ways:

  • Number of participants per age group/whole school
  • Total distance per age group/whole school
  • Average distance per age group/whole school

To enter the competition, please click here to complete your entry, adding a screen shot of an activity tracking app as your evidence.  The activity and form must be completed on Saturday 13 June, so results can be sorted on Sunday 14 June. 2.6km minimum distance as an entry requirement!

We would like as many Hamptonians as possible to get involved – it does not matter how far you walk, run or cycle, just that you are active!

Some important Health & Safety points for pupils:

  • Before you take part in this activity, please let your parents know you are doing it (they have been sent a copy of this email) and perhaps ask them to come along as well.
  • Any route that you use must be pre-planned and safe.  Where possible, we would recommend that you complete your activity in an area with which you are already very familiar, particularly if you are doing so on your own. 
  • Ensure that you stay suitably hydrated and wear sun cream if the weather is hot.
  • Current Government guidance requires us all to continue social distancing, so be mindful of this when completing your activity.
  • Before you take part in any physical activity or exercise, please ensure that you are fit and healthy and there is no reason why you should not do so.
  • When taking part in any physical activity or exercise, there is the possibility of physical injury.  This is particularly true of activities in which there is only a limited opportunity for supervision and correction of anything that you may be doing incorrectly.  By undertaking any activity, you are agreeing that you do so at your own risk.


During our PSHE session on Thursday the Third Year boys had the opportunity to reflect on the recent global anti-racism protest and understand why this movement has affected so many people. The boys explored this further by reading news stories, watching online videos, and discussing the issues arising with each other and Form Tutors.

Some themes arising from the discussions included the following:

  • All Hamptonians should call out racism whenever they see or hear it.
  • Racism can never be passed off as “banter” in any circumstances.
  • Racism affects people every day.
  • We need to be vigilant and proactive to ensure racism remains unacceptable in our friendship groups, in our communities, and worldwide.

Third Year Wellbeing

Here are some top tips for looking after your mental and physical wellbeing during the lockdown period:

  1. Stay active – get some exercise every day (see below for PE and Sports activities available).
  2. Complete your daily online lessons and tasks.
  3. Speak to your friends and family.
  4. Find time to read a book.
  5. Give yourself some space and time to reflect.
  6. Keep your room and workspace tidy and clean.


The next Interform competition will take shape in a Selfie competition!

We would like you to take a selfie whilst dropping off items at your local foodbank.

Foodbanks can be found at any major supermarket and also at Hampton School (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11am – 2pm).

Please send your selfies via email to Mr Neville (J.Neville@Hamptonschool.org.uk).

The deadline for entries to the competition is Monday 22 June.

Have a great weekend!






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