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Heads of Year Message

Our congratulations go to form 3F for winning the 2019/20 Interform competition. They had led from the front throughout and are worthy winners of the Wills Cup – a trophy donated by two long serving former Third Year tutors. See details and the final table at the bottom of this blog.

On-site pastoral meetings

Parents have received details today (Friday) of our plans to host pastoral meetings on-site for Third Year pupils on Wednesday 1 July. We are really looking forward to welcoming as many of you as possible back onto the School site, albeit briefly, before the summer holidays. We think that a relaxed meeting with one of your Form Tutors will provide a timely and welcome opportunity to reflect on this unusual term and look ahead to the school holidays and beyond.

We intend to allow boys to arrive on site up to 15 minutes early for their tutor meeting and stay for up to 15 minutes after the meeting – allowing some opportunity for a (socially distanced) catch up with peers. Unfortunately, we cannot allow more time on site for the boys to catch up, in accordance with Public Health England (PHE) guidance to secondary schools in England. If parents wish to drive their sons into School, they will be welcome to stay on site for the duration of the visit and provisions will be made for parents. We are finalising plans for boys when they are not on site that day, but the intention is to provide an alternative to the usual on-screen live sessions and lesson tasks.

Third Year boys will not be required to register on Firefly or attend an MS Teams registration session with their Form Tutors at 8:45 on Wednesday 1 July.

Daily registrations will operate as normal on all other days next week until the end of term. Registration on Firefly by 8:45 each morning (except Wednesday). Form Tutor registration on MS Teams at 8:45-8:55 on Tuesday and Friday. Form Tutor periods on MS Teams from 10:15 on Monday and Thursday.

Grade Cards (reminder)

Given the unusual circumstances this term, end of term grade cards will be issued in an amended format. Third Years would normally receive four grades at the end of Summer Term: Exam grade, Term Attainment grade, Classwork effort and Homework effort. This term, however, you will receive a single Term Attainment grade (1-4) in each subject which will incorporate the result of the end of year assessment, as well as attainment measured through remote tasks and classwork completed this term. You will also receive a single Effort Grade (1-4) in each subject which will incorporate the usual Homework and Classwork Effort Grades.

We have been really impressed with the way boys across the Third Year have responded so positively to the unexpected challenges presented to all of us this term.

You’ve got one more week to go until you get to enjoy a very well deserved summer break. Keep up the good work and finish the school year on a high!

As always, please do let us or your Form Tutors know if you are having any difficulties.

Enjoy the weekend!

Best wishes

Miss Smith & Mr Rigby


Exciting news! The Just Giving fundraising page is now up and running for the 1557 Challenge!!

This weekend, get thinking of, or complete, an activity around the number 1557, then tell your friends and family what you plan to do and ask for sponsorship, directing them to this page to donate:

Just giving 1557 Challenge

There will also be time set aside on Founders’ Day next week, for Forms to do something together – there will be more information about this coming soon!

All funds raised will go to our four Form Charity partners: Mary’s meals, Make a wish foundation, Momentum and Off the record Twickenham.

We would also love to see pictures of you doing your charity activities, which could be featured either on our twitter feed or the School website. Send any photos or videos you take doing your charity activities to website@hamptonschool.org.uk

Arts Awards Projects on Firefly

Boys in the Third Year have been working really hard on their Arts Awards since October, and all their final pieces are now on Firefly.

The quality of their work is very impressive and varied, and includes models/sculptures, films, novellas, photography books, paintings and drawings.

If you would like to see what they have produced, you can do so here: Arts Award projects 2019-20

You can leave feedback for an individual boy by clicking on their name and then ‘add comment’ at the bottom on the left of their individual page.

Thank you very much to those who have done this already, we know your feedback means a lot to the boys and is very helpful for their portfolios.

Huge thanks also to all those who have supported the boys with their projects, particularly advisers and form tutors – it is greatly appreciated and we know the boys are very grateful for your help.

Hope you enjoy the projects!

Richmond Schools’ Virtual Competition on Wednesday 24 June

Well done to all the Third Year boys who took part in the Richmond Schools’ Virtual Competition on Wednesday 24 June. This fixture took place during National School Sport Week at Home.The competition involved any walk, run or cycle, with evidence to show the total distance of your activity.

Results will be with you soon and compiled in the following ways:

  • Engagement of pupils (percentage of each year group participating)
  • Average distance per age group

Third Year Wellbeing

Here are some top tips for looking after your mental and physical wellbeing during the lockdown period:

  1. Stay active – get some exercise every day.
  2. Complete your daily online lessons and tasks.
  3. Speak to your friends and family.
  4. Find time to read a book.
  5. Give yourself some space and time to reflect.
  6. Keep your room and workspace tidy and clean.


Congratulations to form 3F.

3F are winners of the 2019/20 Interform competition and are presented with the Wills Cup – a trophy donated by two long serving former Third Year tutors.

The final Interform table is below.

3F have led the competition since the first event in September (Teambuilding Day) and are deserving winners.

Honourable mentions to 3C and 3G in joint second place and 3A for a strong comeback to finish fourth.

Form Teambuilding Dodgeball Cross Country Basketball Table Tennis No Detentions Spelling Bee Lockdown activity Food bank Total
3A 4 2 3 9 5 7 8 7 1 46
3B 8 5 1 0 0 2 8 3 2 29
3C 7 9 5 4 8 7 4 4 3 51
3D 5 3 2 3 0 9 9 3 1 35
3E 6 1 4 7 6 5 4 6 2 41
3F 9 7 9 8 9 5 8 9 2 66
3G 2 8 8 6 7 9 1 8 2 51
3H 1 4 6 5 4 2 8 5 2 37
3J 3 6 7 0 0 5 4 1 2 28

Have a great weekend!

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