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Well done everyone for successfully making it to the end of a very different half term. You should all be very proud of the way in which you have adapted to home learning and it has been fantastic to share some of the amazing work that you have been producing in our weekly blog! Also, a big thank you for sharing photos and videos of the many activities and hobbies that you have been doing during this lockdown period! I hope you enjoy our final blog of the half term and enjoy a well-deserved break with your families!

Thank you Hamptonians

The Year Group teams say thank you and well done to all Hamptonians for how they have coped with e-learning in lockdown. Well done Second Years!


A big well done to the following boys for reaching significant merit milestones this half term!

Omer Demiral – 60

Tom Cahill – 60

Rohan Chen – 100 (Fantastic!!)


The U13 Cricket squad has put together their own special thank you! Thomas (2P) tells us more:

I decided I wanted to thank the NHS but in a different, so my Dad and I came up with an idea to get the cricket squad to do it. I have been editing a lot of videos and thought I may as well do this one also. My inspiration was the toilet roll challenge which was a huge trend at the beginning of lockdown. However, I had to do an original idea because otherwise it would not have been interesting. I would like to thank the whole cricket team for doing the challenge on such short notice. 


You’ve all been rustling up more delicious treats this week!

Jack (2B)

Alec (2J)


Harry (2B) has put together this video of him performing some very impressive cardistry! He also tells us a bit more about it!

This is Cardistry. And unless you are an enthusiast about it, you probably don’t know what it is. Cardistry is, in its simplest form, creating flourishes using a deck of cards. This usually starts with basic moves that get used to create other moves and so on. I personally started about a year ago but I already knew a lot about card magic as well as magic in general. That is why you see some magic tricks in the video too. I started magic when I was 7 years old. I enjoyed collecting little sets that I would perform on other members of my family. I then got into cards when I was about 10. I would look up tutorials on YouTube and learn these awesome tricks that would fool spectators easily and were not too difficult to perform. But I wanted to up the level of difficulty so that I would be more than just a card magician. So that is when I started Cardistry; again, learning from YouTube. And ever since I have been practising and practising. So, I would advise you to buy a decent deck of cards that are smooth and soft, and learn some Card Magic or Cardistry. It is especially great to learn in these strange times, where we have plenty of time on our hands.


Take a look at Michael’s (2L) impressive ‘Boccioni’ work completed this week! This piece was inspired by Italian Futurism.

And this great drawing of an apple by Ishan (2W)


Many thanks to Ömer (2H) for this thought-provoking Haiku!

We are all struggling,

Through these harsh times we must stay,

Unified. Recovering.

And another lovely Haiku from Rohan (2B)

Give thanks in all things

Thanks, can help a person feel



The Second Year have been doing some great work in their Music lessons this term, including some really fun ‘graphic scores’ which are visual representations of music. They have then gone on to perform these using any instruments/pots and pans they had to hand at home! Take a look at these fantastic examples!

From Jack (2B), Nicholas (2B) and Matthew (2W):

And Thomas (2P), Oli (2W), Avinash (2P) and Isaac (2H):


The School has been remembering World War Two as part of the VE Day Anniversary celebrations, and many stories have been collected and shared by the School community.

Thank you to Josh (2H) who has shared some images of an amazing book that his family recently discovered!

Here are some great pictures from my grandmother, whose husband was in the War and survived. It was a funny story how I found this book. My dad was rummaging through the shed and found it there on VE Day. It has many pictures and memories of the war and even includes a picture of the famous Victory in Europe day.


The final took place today and it was a thrilling contest!

Congratulations to 2J who just came out on top, beating 2B by 10 points! It all came down to the last question which saw 2J finish on 200 points to 2B’s 190 points!

Final standings are:

1st: 2J

2nd 2B

3rd: 2H

4th: 2P

5th: 2L & 2W


Here are the results from the inter-form competition. There were 82 participants, including Mr Malston (well done sir!). Congratulations and well done to all participants. Thank you also to Mr Bolton for organising the event. In the end, even Mr Malston’s 5 points couldn’t get 2B past 2P, who were our eventual winners!

1st – 2P (#21) 101pts/21 + 3pt bonus = 7.8pts

2nd – 2B (#21) 88pts/21 + 3pt bonus = 7.2pts

3rd – 2J (#11) 51pts/11 + 1.5pt bonus = 6.1pts

4th – 2L (#11) 49pts/11 + 1.5pt bonus = 6.0pts

5th – 2W (#12) 52pts/13 + 1.5pt bonus = 5.5pts

6th – 2H (#8) 38pts/8 + 0pt bonus = 4.8pts

Ben (2P) reports on some of the activities that the winning form took part in:

George S did a cycle for 5 points along with Danny S who also did a cycle and gained 5 points for the form. Isaac T did a 45-minute walk. Harry A and Ben T ran for 5 points each. Kiran B also made a strong contribution with 23 minutes of body weight exercises.


Well done to everyone that took part – great effort!

The top 5 finishers were:

  1. Sam Bond (2H) – 05:32
  2. Jake Eden (2B) – 05:37
  3. Josh King (2H) – 05:44
  4. Joe Cornell (2B) – 05:53
  5. Jerome Sharp (2P) – 06:02


1557 is a significant number – it is the year that our School was founded!

Over the second half of the summer term you will be encouraged to raise money for our School’s chosen Form Charities through the 1557 Challenge!

There will be lots of information to follow, however, now is a good time to get your thinking caps on and brainstorm some ideas for activities that you could do, focused around those magic numbers – 1557.

For example:

  • How far can you run in 15:57 mins?
  • Can you complete 15 paintings in 57 minutes?


The theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness week is kindness, with the idea that being kind to others is good for our own mental health.  We are all currently experiencing quite dramatic changes to our normal day-to-day lives, and it is therefore perhaps especially important to make sure that we are looking after our mental health and well-being. The Mental Health Foundation has put together some resources to help encourage us to be kinder towards others. Some of their suggestions include the following:

  • Call a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while
  • Help with a household chore at home
  • Tell someone you know why you are thankful for them
  • Send an inspirational quote to a friend

Please do look after yourselves, and remember that the School Counsellors continue to be available to you during this time.


The first week back after the half term is your assessment week. The schedule for which you can see below. Please do not worry unduly about these; their purpose is for you and your teachers to measure your progress.

Have a great half term BREAK!

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