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Heads of Year Message

We continue to be really pleased with the way that all Third Years have adapted to the new guided home learning environment at e-Hampton.

Please keep these efforts up and let us or your Form Tutors know if you are having difficulties.

Firstly, a notice about summer exams:

We have had a few enquiries about summer exams for Third Years. At the moment, the intention is that there will be end of year assessments during the same period of term as usual (within a week or two after half term), but because of the uncertainties affecting education nationwide the arrangements for where, when and how these assessments will take place are currently unconfirmed. As soon as we are able to, we will update you further on summer exams. With that in mind, for now, you should work effectively to complete the tasks set by your subject teachers during the period of guided home learning and plan to complete some consolidation work and revision over the next few weeks.

That said, this week we would really like to emphasise the importance of keeping a good balance to your weekday routine.

Make sure you get up in plenty of time to have breakfast, wash and get dressed ready to log on and “register” that you are ready to work on Firefly by 8:45am each morning.

You must also attend a morning registration on MS Teams with your Form Tutors at 8:45am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, or a Form Period at 10:15am on Mondays and Thursdays.

Your subject teachers are aiming to set the right amount of work to enable you to make good progress while working at a good intensity (and focused) for the duration of the timetabled lesson.

If work is taking you longer than this to complete, please notify your subject teacher politely by email and copy your Form Tutors on this email.

This should leave you plenty of time during break time, lunch time, PE lessons, Games lessons and after 4pm each day to get away from your desk, get some fresh air and get active or creative or help someone else.

We encouraged you all this week to cook a meal for your families and have seen some great photo evidence of this happening – thanks to all those who sent contributions and please keep them coming via email to Mr Moore (h.moore@hamptonschool.org.uk). A quick word on diet: keep your energy levels up with a hearty breakfast and lunch during the day. If you want a snack too, favour foods with lots of vitamins and slow release energy (e.g. a banana) rather than snacks with lots of refined sugar.

Finally, get plenty of rest. You are having to spend a lot of time during the day looking at screens while working, so avoid on-screen activities in the evening and allow your eyes to rest.

Ensure you’re getting to bed in good time as well.

Well done for all your efforts so far this term – keep up the good work!

Best wishes

Miss Smith & Mr Rigby

Third Year Special Mentions

Well done to Zac Nolan for completing his book “Bionica” for his Arts Award! It looks like an excellent read!

Here is Kristian Brookes’ work from PSHE on Fake news this week. Well done Kristian! Click on the image below to take a closer look:

Third Year Wellbeing

Here are some top tips for looking after your mental and physical wellbeing during the lockdown period:

  1. Stay active – get some exercise every day (see below for PE and Sports activities available).
  2. Complete your daily online lessons and tasks.
  3. Speak to your friends and family.
  4. Find time to read a book.
  5. Give yourself some space and time to reflect.
  6. Keep your room and workspace tidy and clean.

Third Year Lockdown Challenge

Please send in photos of your Lockdown Challenge and we will publish them in the Blog next week!

This week’s Lockdown Challenge was to cook a meal for your family.

Well done to all those who entered into this challenge! Here are some great photos of Third Years doing this:

Here is Matt Venner cooking a Sunday BBQ for his family: steak, sausages, BBQ ribs, peri peri chicken and corn on the cob!

Here is Yasin AlKillidar’s Chicken Katsu curry:

Here is Tom Short’s Gingerbread pizza and report of the ingredients:

The bread is gingerbread 

The cheese is white chocolate 

The vegetables are jelly beans

The peppers are haribos

And the is some cookie crumbs in there

The tomato sauce is red icing

Here are James Page’s chocolate fondants:

Here is Freddie Bate’s spaghetti Bolognese that he cooked for his family:

Charlie Bates cooked burgers for his family this week. Here’s a photo and a report from Charlie:

I cooked burgers for my family in a ciabatta bun, with homemade chips and corn on the cob. To make the chips I peeled and chopped the potatoes, then I boiled them for 3 minutes, after that I put them on baking trays with oil and covered them with garlic granules paprika and chicken salt. I grilled the burgers  And put mozzarella on some. Then I cut up the lettuce onion and tomatoes. Then put the ciabatta in the oven for 5 mins once that was ready I served up and was done. 

Next week’s Lockdown Challenge is……..

……….recreate a scene from a movie!

Please send in your photos of your lockdown activities and we will publish in the Blog next week!

Here is Mrs Havord’s home workstation:

3E’s top TV Poll

The results of the TV poll conducted by 3E, suggesting shows for the Hampton community, are as follows:

Honourable Mentions:

Friday Night Dinner
Little Britain
Noughts and Crosses 

Top Five
5: The Good Place
4: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
3: His Dark Materials
2: Tiger King
1: Brooklyn 99

With thanks to Sam Moshi who organised the poll, on behalf of the form.


We would like to make all boys aware of the following, to help with their activity.


Your PE task will be set at the beginning of the week on Firefly, to be handed in on Friday.  The PE Department are also creating many other ways to help you stay active for at least an hour a day.

Please check the School’s social mediawebsite and Firefly pages for updates.

Sports Afternoons

A number of staff are creating live sessions, webinars and pre-recorded material for you.  This may mean you are invited to a number of meetings on your sports afternoon.  The majority of these sessions are optional and are there for your benefit and interest.

Many of the sessions are open to all.  For example, running technique in athletics and catching technique for cricket are excellent skills for you all to develop. It is absolutely fine to choose a session and change your mind if you do not wish to attend, or another session becomes available.


Please all start to regularly check two areas of Firefly:

  1. Your year group page – route: Academic Departments – PE&Sport – School Exercise Plan – choose year group.
  2. Sport specific pages – route: Academic Departments – PE&Sport – choose sport.

If you are using your iPad, you will need to use the menu button each time. It is key that boys check these areas, as Firefly is our main channel and offers you all lots of activities, challenges and advice!


One of our rowing coaches has a message for you:

Calling all Third Year boys/parents!

The Boat Club are really keen to hear from any boys (or parents of boys) who would be interested in having a go at rowing this summer! Rowing is one of the Games Options available to the boys in the summer term, but can also fit in with other their sports if necessary; there is no reason why a keen cricketer/athlete/tennis player shouldn’t come and try rowing at least once (it is OARSOME, after all)!

Hampton is so fortunate to have such brilliant rowing facilities; we are always keen to see as many boys as possible challenge themselves to try this sport (something completely different for most of them), even if it is only once during their time at the School! Needless to say, we’re not at all sure when we’ll be able to get back on the water at the moment, but it would be really useful nonetheless to know of any boys in the year group who might be interested… that way we can ‘hit the ground running’ when the time comes (or should I say ‘hit the river rowing’?)!

Furthermore, as you have heard, there is so much going on within the Boat Club at the moment, and almost all of our challenges and competitions are suitable for the whole family (no prior rowing experience necessary)! This weekend’s competition will see us return to battle against our fierce rivals from St Paul’s and Radley Schools, so if you would be able to help bolster our ranks, we would really appreciate the support! In so many ways, there has never been a better time to join in with the boat club! Please use the form here to register your interest; there is no obligation to sign up or take part in any challenges if you don’t want to, but we will be in touch with some more information, and to answer any questions you might have about Hampton Rowing! 

Virtual Drama

The Drama department are offering a very exciting virtual performance opportunity! They are planning to present a video performance of the poem If by Rudyard Kipling.

If you would be keen to be involved in the project please email Mrs Plowman (n.plowman@hamptonschool.org.uk) and you will be sent more information about how to take part via firefly.

Have a great weekend!

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