Welcome to the first blog of the term, and well done to everyone for successfully navigating your first week at e-Hampton! Whilst we are not in school, it is hoped that the Second Year blog will help to keep you feeling connected to your year group and as such we will be setting lots of weekly challenges and competitions for you to take part in. Please do give them a go and if you have any of your own ideas please share these too. Send in your items for the blog to r.kugele@hamptonschool.org.uk


I am sure that many of you are enjoying the ‘live’ teaching aspect of this term and that you will soon settle into a new routine. Working from home is new to all of us and has its own unique challenges. This week during Form Time you all had the opportunity to discuss the different feelings that we might have during these far from normal times and we shared ideas for promoting our mental health and wellbeing during lockdown. Hopefully, you found this useful and I encourage you to keep talking to each other, and please do contact your tutors if you have any concerns.


A message from Mrs Owen:

Boys – I would very much like us to keep celebrating your merits successes in the blog! Please keep a tally of your virtual merits and add them to your existing totals. You can report your multiples of 10 to me via email whenever you hit a milestone and I will add them to my list.

Enjoy a well-deserved break this weekend!


I know that lots of you have been enjoying the opportunity to learn how to cook or bake whilst in lockdown! Please share your finished dishes with us by sending in a photo, easy recipes you’ve tried and some top tips for cooking success!

Photo Competition

Thank you to everyone that has submitted a ‘hobbies!’ themed photo for our competition. I am pleased to announce that the winning photo is by Zakir (2J) which wonderfully displays the intricate hobby of origami! The runner-up photo is by Isaac (2P)

Winning Photo:

Zakir (2J) “Pond Life on Paper”

Runner-up photo: Isaac (2P) “Shooting for Goal”


One challenge that our teaching staff have been working on this week is Guess the Workspace. If you missed the first two challenges, take a look at the link below. Look closely at the clues and see if you can correctly identify which teachers work here?



Did you know that Friday 8 May, VE Day, will be the 75th anniversary celebrations of the surrender of Nazi Germany. which ended the Second World War in Europe. We want you and your family to get involved! The History Department would like to put together a collection of stories from World War Two. Does your family have memories of the war that you are willing to share?

Find out more here


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