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During what is such an unusual and uncertain time, I have been incredibly impressed with how the Second Year have presented themselves this week. They have, as ever, enthusiastically participated in their lessons, and taken part in many lunchtime clubs and activities that have continued as normal. The Science Fair was a huge success and a particular highlight, and I am pleased that so many of you have been inspired to get snapping and enter our ‘hobbies’ themed photo competition. I am sure that over the coming weeks you will be able to explore your interests and perhaps discover new hobbies whilst you continue your learning at home.


Well done to the following boys for reaching significant merit milestones this week!

Thomas Davies – 20

Shivam Handa – 20

Alastair White – 20 and 30

Olly Spray – 30

Sohan Bakhshi – 40

Louis Spight – 50

Sam Govier – 50


Grade cards will be available to view in the usual way at the end of term and boys and parents are welcome to get in touch with any queries relating to these.

Whilst we expect boys to work productively at home next week, getting through the tasks set on Firefly, the holiday is not far away and we hope that everyone will make the most of the opportunity to take a break from school work.

During this period away from School, the pastoral team remains available to any boy in need of support, so please do email us with any concerns you might have. We also hope that boys will keep in touch and share any good news too, as we wouldn’t want to miss out on any highlights! We hope to continue to send you updates and we will rely on boys to let us know what they are doing to fill their time and perhaps give us top tips about how to fill ours! Photos are, of course, most welcome too.

Wishing you all the very best over the coming weeks and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Mrs Owen


The Science Fair took place at lunchtime on Tuesday, it was a fantastic event with so many different experiments on display. I was really impressed by the creativity and hard work that had evidently gone into all the projects over the past few weeks! There are definitely some very talented future scientists amongst you!

Aadil (2P) tells us about Josh’s (2P) and Teo’s (2P) EEG Headsets project:

EEG stands for electroencephalogram and an EEG headset reads brainwaves through small electrical impulses above the epidermis. The project was to control an interface with brainwaves to turn on LEDs. Many EEG headsets are expensive but you can get them with children’s games for example Mindflex Duel and Star Wars Force Trainer. Once the headset turns on it starts outputting values which are then sent to the main Arduino board. Then they made a script which basically says if X value goes above Y then do something X being the values that the headset outputs to the Arduino. It is constantly read and if it goes above 50 which is Z then the Arduino would follow another set of instructions to turn on the LEDs.

Wow! This sounds very technical and brilliantly complicated to me!

Take a look at some of the highlights of the Science Fair 2020:



One of many clubs continuing as normal this week, Rohan (2B) tells us more!

Book Club is a group of people that meet on Monday (Third Years) and Wednesday (First and Second Years) lunchtime. It challenges book worms like me to expand their range of books and encourages you to read books far out of your comfort zone. One week, we’ll chose a book to read either by book award shortlists or personal choices. The next week, we’ll discuss the book chosen three weeks ago and we receive the chosen book from the previous week. If something means that our schedule is messed up, then Mr Hemsley will read us a short story and we will discuss it. All in all, it is a lot of fun!


Our current photo competition, will continue to run up until Easter. The theme this time, is ‘hobbies!’ Your photos must be your own – no submitting images from google! Please also give your photo a title and send it to me at r.kugele@hamptonschool.org.uk

For inspiration, take a look at our latest entries below.

Omer (2H) Soul Ball

Joe (2L) Mist on the Water

Isaac (2P) Shooting for Goal

Go on give it a go!

Have a great weekend!

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