On Monday Remembrance Day was marked with our traditional Remembrance Day Assembly. Arjan W reports:

The Remembrance Assembly of 2019 marked the 101st anniversary of the First World War. Silently, we sat down and waited patiently for the assembly to start. The assembly commenced and we listened carefully to every single word of it. A familiar face to many of us approached the stage of Hampton’s main hall. The previous Headmaster, Mr Martin, returned and told us a range of thrilling, breath-taking (but also quite sad) stories from some of the Old Hamptonians before and after the Second World War. Mr Martin made us all think back and step inside the old children’s shoes to help us imagine everything that happened. He also told a story of a boy who helped the school forever. Finally, we sung a hymn and departed in pride.


On Tuesday a number of Hampton boys performed in a Keyboard concert, Elliot C reports:

It was so lovey to see such a large and supportive audience at the Keyboard Concert on Tuesday 12 November. Twenty- five boys were chosen to take part, from First Year to Upper Sixth. The programme they offered was incredibly varied; from Mozart to Ibert, from Bach to Sculthorpe. It began in the Main Hall with a performance of Trio Dialogue of the Cornet and the Tierce by F. Couperin on the organ played by Sathin W. The performance had lots of beautiful trills and was very expressive. The audience then moved into the Hammond Theatre where the first to play the piano was Nick S, performing Sechs Kleine Klavierstücke Op.19 by Arnold Schönberg. This modern piece breaks with the Classical music traditions as it has lots of dissonances, no clear structure and no key. Moving on, we then heard two performances of the same piece, a calming, reflective composition of Romantic music by the Polish composer Chopin: Prelude in B Minor. This elegant and reflective piece of music was performed brilliantly by Piers M and Tristan R. Following performances included Tejas S playing the quirky Passepied by C.Delibes (1836-1891), and then a dramatic and emotional performance of Rhapsody in G Minor by J.Brahms played by Matthew C. In contrast, we heard C.P.E Bach’s Solfeggieto performed by William O, a technically demanding work due to it’s fast semiquaver passages. Fast finger work was also the focus for The Flight of the Bumble Bee performed by James A. It was a fast and energetic piece of music, imitating the path of an angry bee. We began the second half of the concert with a performance by Yann L of The Spirited Sonata in D by Mozart. We heard more works written by Chopin. It was fantastic to hear a work by the British composer Parry, famous for writing Jerusalem. His piece “Elizabeth” No 2  from Shulbrede Tunes was performed by Viduna D. The concert concluded with a performance of “Ave Maria” from Harmonies poétiques et religieuses by F.Lizt played by Stephen U. This tranquil and reflective performance was the perfect end to an amazing concert.


Many First Year pupils will be attending the much anticipated Classical Spectacular next Thursday after School at the Royal Albert Hall. This year the Music Department will be running a competition, boys are invited to write a review of the concert and the best entry will be published in The Lion and the Music Society Newsletter. Merits will also be awarded for any entry. Please email your reviews to E.Esser@hamptonschool.org.uk, happy reviewing!


Congratulations to Evan R who has been awarded Tutee of the Week this week for showing great improvements and going the extra mile to achieve in his subjects.


Harry S reports for the U12A rugby match:

Try scorers: Harry S 3, Conor H 1,Thomas D 2, Tobi Q 2

In the first half we put up a close fight with Halliford they scored one then we had to come back and that went on till 3 all. Harry S scored one Thomas D scored one and so did Tobi Q.

In the second half we were much quicker to the breakdowns credit to Freddie L and Sam V who were very good at tackling and winning the ball back from the opposition. Are intensity and tactics came together in the second half with all 5 tries coming from set piece plays that we had been working on in the week. Harry S scored two, Conor H got one and Thomas D and Tobi Q also got one. Many thanks to Mr Dixon for a very helpful team talk at halftime and training in the week.

Congratulations to the U12B and C teams as well for their wins against Halliford last weekend!

Good luck to our U12A and B teams who play Trinity School tomorrow!

In football our U12A to E teams played against Berkhamsted.

Ben W reports for the U12C team:

On Saturday the SUPER Cs played against Berkhamsted school. Unfortunately, we lost 4-1 but some great passing and tactical play was played. We tried our best and kept going for the full hour. By the end we were incredibly tired but proud by hour performance.

Erik D and Viren A report for the U12E team:

We started off strong as the ball moved forwards and backwards across the field. We stayed strong until half time. In the next half Berkhamsted looked strong and after the first goal the goals kept coming until we lost 3-0.

Good luck to all boys who have been selected for the U12A and B teams playing in their ESFA round 3 matches this weekend and to our U12C team against Sutton Grammar School.

Monday saw the U13A and B team Table Tennis squads play a hard match against Whitgift. Whitgift won both matches and good sportsmanship was shown by all.


Tic, toc, it was a clock!


Merits can be collected from Mrs Halford in the Biology office for any correct answers, happy solving!

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