Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!

We are now a month into the term and I am really pleased to be able to report on our first merit milestones of the year! Well done boys, keep up the excellent work and all-round enthusiasm!

Adam G – 10

Colombo C – 10

Toby S – 10

Sam G – 10

Joe M – 10

Ronit R – 10

Harry O – 10

Umar K – 10 and 20

Tom C – 10

Omer D – 10


As promised a report from Rahul (2B) on the action-packed watersports trip last weekend.

When we got to Rockley park we were so tired we went straight to sleep. When we woke up refreshed the next morning we went out sailing and learned lots of interesting facts like what the boom is. When we went on the water everybody capsized. Everybody! I was paired up with Tom C and we almost capsized three times and the fourth time we succumbed and fell off. I was soaked!

After we finished sailing we had lunch and then went surfing. Surfing was really hard. Almost no-one caught a wave! Personally, I almost lost my board! After a fun day, we played indoor games in the evening, like archery and table tennis. My personal favourite was archery.

The next day we did kayaking and I was paired with Tristan. We spent nearly two hours straight kayaking. (I didn’t do all the work…) We were so exhausted we had to be towed back to land. After lunch we had to go back to Hampton.

Overall this was an incredible (but exhausting) trip. I would definitely recommend this to all boys who enjoy watersports.


We hope all the Second Year boys are throwing themselves into as many different activities and experiences as possible!

There is now a fantastic co-curricular poster up in form rooms so that you can all see what is on and when. To give you more information about all the amazing clubs and hopefully encourage you to attend some, we will be featuring a regular ‘Club of the Week’.

First up, Edmund (2H) tells us about Design Technology Club:

Design and Technology is a subject we all do and I’m sure that some of you would like to do some more. After all, we only get a double every week. Well, look no further than DT Club!

In DT club, you will do about three or four projects over the year. These are in no way related to what we do in class. These included 3D printing, concrete casting, and many more. Sounds good now, doesn’t it? Ms Woodward has a whole variety of projects so even if you go for a few years, you will never do the same project again. There’s something for everyone. At the moment, we are doing pewter casting. If you weren’t aware, pewter is a type of metal that has a relatively low melting point, making it good for school projects.

Design Technology Club is on Wednesday at 1.10pm in the Control Lab. For more information, email Ms Woodward at d.woodward@hamptonschool.org.uk


Freddie (2W) reports on the U13A Futsal match this week against Eagle House School.

Once we had arrived at Eagle House, we were put into two evenly matched teams. Team one played the first half of their game and had a strong lead at half time. After a team talk with Mr Simms and Mr Ritchie, team two (myself included) played out a well fought first half and won the first half 3-1 with goals from Sam B. After that, (as well as a further team discussion) team two went into the second half and consolidated further with a win after goals from Josh K, Omer D, James Q and Nik W. Team two saw out a victory in a better second half where the opposition couldn’t handle our low press. A goal from me as well as some others gave us a win that we deserved. Will F (our centre back) had a stint up front and did well to find passes to his teammates. In the end, despite a good opposition, both of the Hampton sides went home with a win.


I am very happy to give you an update on the high-level chess playing of Rajat (2L). Last weekend he competed in the Crewe Open Chess Tournament, in the toughest open category alongside many titled players. Rajat entered the tournament as the tenth rated player and was competing to gain experience, but went on to jointly win the competition with an International Master! This result puts Rajat back in the world top 10 for his age group. What an amazing achievement! We wish Rajat continued success in the sport and look forward to hearing how he gets on in future competitions.

If you want to try chess for the first time or improve your game then head to Chess Club! It takes place on Thursday lunchtimes in Room 25.


And finally, some sporting trivia from Sacha (2L)

Send your responses by email to Miss Kugele or pop into the Geography Office!


Three great jokes from Avinash (2P) this week

My friend says to me: “What rhymes with orange” I said: “No it doesn’t”

I’m so good at sleeping. I can do it with my eyes closed.

As I suspected, someone has been adding soil to my garden. The plot thickens.


We will be launching our new photography competition next week. Check back for details!

Have a great weekend!

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