Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!

This week the Second Years had a special assembly explaining their Options Choices for the Third Year. Everyone should have brought home their Options Booklet which explains the process very clearly. There is also an explanation here: third year curriculum information

Remember: you must return your completed form by Tuesday 26th February to your Form Tutor.

Tutor Profile

A reminder that next week we will be beginning our series of profiles on Second Year Form Tutors with a member of 2H interviewing Mrs Samuel. If you have any questions you would like to ask her or any other Form Tutor, send them my way. It can be ANYTHING (within reason!)

Merit Milestones

Well done to all the following boys who have reached their next merit milestone:

Theo E (2L) – 10

Ben J (2J) – 10

Matt V (2B) – 20

Matthew B (2J) – 20

Ayoub K (2W)– 30

Sagar N (2J) – 30

Saganan T (2P) – 30

Rex B (2L) – 40

Aneesh B (2J) – 40

Sam S (2H) – 40

Naavya S (2H) – 50

Max C (2J) – 50

Rory P (2H) – 60

Oscar T (2H) – 70

James A (2H) – 70

Ishaan D (2B) – 80

Vishal S (2W) – 90


If anyone feels like they need some light to shine through the long winter nights, some pupils have been working on the answer in Technology. Andrew B (2W) tells us about what they’ve been making:

Last term in DT we designed night lights that were meant to advertise a company’s product or event. This involved writing a programme that cycled through lots of colours, soldering the circuit boards components on and making our designs. It was a challenging but rewarding project.

The finished projects were ready this week. Let’s take a look at Andrew’s:


And while we’re on the topic of making amazing things, remember Milo B’s (2H) self-built computer that was featured last week? My photo didn’t really do it justice so here it is in all its glory.

I am seriously impressed. Please keep letting me know if you are up to anything outside school that we could feature in this blog.


I’ve been asking for a report on the ski trip all term but everyone has been keeping their powder dry. Then this week, with my impatience mounting, interest has suddenly snowballed and I’ve had an avalanche of submissions! (Well, two). Here they both are courtesy of John S (2W) and Shaurya T (2J) respectively:

The day after we broke up for Christmas it was final packing, early to bed and up very early to meet at school at around 3 am at school. This year’s skiing trip involved over 70 Hampton pupils. It began with a coach to Gatwick and after a two hour flight another coach to Alps D’huez in the French Alps. The skiing began the next day. There were 2 hour skiing sessions in both the morning and afternoon. At the end of the day the skiing was followed by activities: ice-skating, films, the sports hall, swimming in an outdoor swimming pool and the ’luge’. Before dinner we were allowed to go out on our own to the shops to buy souvenirs and many people went to the nearby pizza and Crêpes shops. At the end of the week we were sad to leave the ski resort but also glad to be travelling home for CHRISTMAS!

Last December I went on the Hampton School ski trip. This was really fun and it was the first time I had ever skied. There was snow everywhere and it truly was a magical place. At the beginning of the week I was really bad and I kept on falling over but by the end of the week I was doing really hard slopes. I had a really good time and I’m definitely going to go next year.


Question: What is futsal?

Actually this isn’t this week’s trivia question. Matthew B (2J) is going to tell us now:

On Sunday 20th January the U13s (mix of A and B team players) played the ISFA futsal tournament at Brunel University in Uxbridge. The team was: Matthew B (2J), Finn G (2J), Felix VDG (2J), Camilo C (2P), Kieran BM (2J), Saganan T (2P), Hayden C (2H), Jago D (2J) and Ben W (2L). Futsal is an indoor 5-a-side football but has some different rules. Instead of throw-ins, you put the ball on the floor and kick it in (you only have 4 seconds to do this) and instead of goal kicks, the goalkeeper has to throw or roll the ball out (again only 4 seconds). The games are very fast paced and last 10 minutes. Close control and skill plays a big part of futsal. We came 4th out of 12 participating teams. We won two matches, drew one and lost one in our group of six, finishing second. We then played in the semi-final which we lost 1-0 against City of London. We then had a third place playoff and again lost 1-0 against Kingston Grammar School. Both of these matches (as the score lines show) were extremely tight. The team would like to thank Mr Sims for coaching us and helping us learn futsal as a completely new sport. Our next futsal fixture is on March 10th.

Thanks Matthew! And I’ll make a note to expect another report for Friday 16th March’s edition…

Science Fair

Boys are invited to participate in the School Science Fair. Competitors may work individually or in teams on a Science Project of their choice. Competitors will present their experiment and/or findings at the Science Fair during lunch time on Tuesday 26 March. Entry forms are available from the Physics Department. Entries to be handed to Mrs. White in the Physics Department by Friday 1 February.


Well done to everyone who solved Max’s riddle. The answer was… a map.

This week we’ve got a tricky dingbat for you. What is the popular phrase indicated by the image below?

I think this one is worth two merits if you are one of the first couple to send me the correct answer.


Josh H (2W) has come up with this one.

Have a great weekend!

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