It has been business as usual at School this week for the First Year boys and they seem to have enjoyed getting back into the routine of things and embracing Hampton life as fully as ever!


I have been delighted to hear that so many boys are making a concerted effort to try new co-curricular clubs this term – there is so much on offer and this is definitely the time to be seizing new and exciting opportunities! Mr Barber’s Board Games Club has gained some new members and they were positively fizzing with excitement when they were telling me about the new games they played this Tuesday! Lots of boys have also been exploring Tech Club and Junior Philosophy Circle attracted its highest numbers ever this week. Well done to the boys who have made the decision to try something new and push themselves out of their comfort zone – that is what First Year is all about!

Science Fair

First Year boys are invited to participate in the School Science Fair. Competitors may work individually or as a team on a Science Project of their choice. Competitors will present their experiment and/or findings at the Science Fair during lunch time on Tuesday 26 March. Entry forms are available from the Physics Department. Entries to be handed to Mrs. White in the Physics Department by Friday 1 February.

Prizes for the best entries…speak to your teacher for more details!


Last weekend saw some exciting Under 12 Rugby and Football fixtures against Tiffin and Dulwich College and it was great to see some excellent scores being achieved. In Rugby, the Under 12 A team beat Tiffin 10 – 1 and the Under 12 B team won 13 – 1. The Football fixtures were, by all accounts, fiercely contested and congratulations to the victorious Under 12 B and Under 12 C teams. The Under 12 D and E teams had very close 3 – 3 draws apiece and the Under 12 A team lost 4 – 9, though I am told that the boys played some very good Football and showed great spirit and resilience under pressure. Good luck to the boys playing Rugby against Warwick School today – this will be a tough set of matches and we hope they play with the customary Hampton spirit and determination, despite the long journey!

Weekly Conundrum

It was lovely to see some boys in the RS Office this week with their answers to the weekly conundrum. Last week was a tricky one and well done to Ronit R who was the first boy to get the correct answer. This week’s is as follows:


We hope a happy and restful weekend is in store for everyone. Wrap up warm!

Miss G. Russell

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