This has been another very busy week for the First Years, with rehearsals for the Christmas Concert and plenty of co-curricular and sporting activities keeping them busy. We are all looking forward to hearing them perform at this evening’s concert – they were certainly in fine voice during rehearsals yesterday!

The Inter-Form competition has really begun to gather pace in the last few weeks, with Basketball and Chess being particular highlights. Mr. Bolton told us that the basketball was very exciting; a very competitive and tense final, went down to the ‘Golden Basket’ rule – which, in suitably dramatic fashion, was launched into the air by Hugo K (1B) to win it for 1B! The final standings were as follows:

1st          1B

2nd         1H

3rd          1P

4th          1J

5th          1W

6th          1L

The Inter-Form chess competition also sounded like great fun and the boys in 1W certainly reported back that it had been a very enjoyable way to spend a lunchtime. The results for this were:

1st          1L

2nd         1P

3rd          1H

4th          1W

5th          1B

6th          1J

So it seems that 1H have set themselves in good stead in the Founders Cup competition so far, with their consistent top three performances, as have 1P. Well done to all so far!

As ever, merits are available for correct responses to the weekly conundrum; 1W are leading the way in Form responses with Ronit R (1P) being the individual with the most correct answers so far and Ishan P (1W) not far behind! This week’s conundrum is:

In the town of Podunk, the following facts are true:

  • No two inhabitants have exactly the same number of hairs.
  • No inhabitant has exactly 518 hairs.
  • There are more inhabitants than there are hairs on the head of any one inhabitant.

What is the largest possible number of inhabitants in Podunk?

So, there is only one week to go before the boys’ finish their first term at Hampton. It has been a great term so far and now the boys must make sure that they do their best to uphold high standards of behaviour and their usual positive attitude to ensure that they finish the term on a high!

Miss G. Russell

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