Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!


Congratulations to the following boys on reaching these merit milestones:

Dylan R (2L) – 10

Luke A-B (2L) – 10

Joe M (2L) – 10

Oscar K (2P) – 10

Kristian B (2P) – 10

Tom O (2P) – 10

Charles B (2W) – 10

Naavya S (2H) – 10

Finn G (2J) – 10

Jago D (2J) – 10

Sagar N (2J) – 20

Naavya S (2H) – 20

Aran T-M (2W) – 20

Tom S (2W) – 20

Saganan T (2P) – 20

Chibby N (2H) -20

Luc M (2B) – 20

Zac N (2B) – 20

Leo S (2B) – 20

George B (2B) – 20

Ben Z (2H) – 20

Naavya S (2H) – 30

Findlay B (2H) – 30

Naavya S (2H) – 40

Rory P (2H) – 40

Thomas B (2B) – 40

James A (2H) – 50

Vishal S (2W) – 60 (wow!)

Ishaan D (2B) – 60 (wow!)



Indoor Rowing may sound like an unusual concept, but it’s been around a long time. Certainly since at least the time of Descartes who famously pronounced “Cogito Ergo Sum”. For those of you whose Latin is a bit shaky, I’m pretty sure that means “I think I am a rowing machine”. A philosophical message we can all learn from.

Anyway, Rex B (1L) and Matthew V (2B) put their stamina to the test with this awesome yet oar-less performance:

Last Friday Rex and I went to the Richmond Indoor Rowing championship. I rowed first out of the two of us and got second place finish with just under 790 metres in three minutes, this was a personal best for me. I was beaten by just 2m! Then after I rowed it was Rex’s turn, he came in at 717 metres and took third place. Overall we both rowed well and came 3rd place overall and I enjoyed the morning’s competition against other schools. Matthew V (2B)


Last week we heard about the impressive exploits of the C, D and E football teams. Could the A team live up to the same standards in their cup fixture against Queensmead? Josh H (2W) reports:


Having had two very challenging games in a row against Whitgift and Dulwich College, the U13A footballers were back playing in the ESFA cup third round. Right from the off, Hampton were on the front foot, with some intense pressure that set a great tempo for the game. Having missed some early chances due to a few unlucky bobbles, Zaki S-B (2J) put in a great cross that was finished with a power header from Jamie W (2J). With a goal under the belt and a large amount of territory, the second goal was always coming as another very well worked move led to a doubled lead just before half time.


The standards of the first half were by no means dropped as great link up play in attack and blistering pace down the wings were showcased with three second half goals that increased the goal tally further to put Hampton back to winning ways. Although, the creativity and ruthlessness in the opposition’s half cannot be underestimated, the clean sheet was equally important as the defensive performance delivered a feeling of certainty among the team. Let’s hope for another fighting display in the fourth round and a long cup run!


Fantastic work boys. So the A team march on in the ESFA cup, could the B team join them in the hat for the next round? Ben M-J (2W) fills us in:


Hampton were into the next round of the cup competition and wanted a win which would then again move them along in the competition. It was a tough game but Hampton played some good football and won 2-0 with goals from Alpha B (2H) and Kieran B (2J). We look forward to the next round of the competition.


The U13 double is still alive!



Last week’s dingbat proved a bit easier than the anagrams. Well done to all who won a merit for correctly identifying Forgive and Forget as the saying. Thank you to Matthew V (2B) for sending in this week’s dingbat:

Must get here

Must get here

Must get here

Good luck! Merits for the first correct answers as always. If you have a suggestion for the trivia section, please send it my way.


Joke of the Week:

And finally… Josh F (2J) takes the much coveted gong for JotW with this effort:

 What do you call an intelligent cheese?

Mature cheddar!

Can you do better? Think caerphilly, and brie sure to send in your best effort by next Thursday.


Have a great weekend!

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