Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!


LOTS of milestones reached this week! Well done to all of the following:

Harry M (2L) – 10

Abhishekdev R (2L) – 10

William C (2L) – 10

Cameron J (2L) – 10

Rex B (2L) – 10

Saganan T (2P) – 10

Max M (2P) – 10

Piers M (2P) – 10

Adam J (2P) – 10

Hayden C (2H) – 10

Patrick H (2H) – 10

Rory P (2H) – 10

Chibby N (2H) – 10

Monty F (2H) – 10

Aaron H (2H) – 10

Milo B (2H) – 10

Theo W (2B) – 10

Leo S (2B) – 10

Luc M (2B) – 10

Shaurya T (2J) – 10

Felix L (2J) – 10

Joe F (2J) – 10

Kieran BR (2J) – 20

Max C (2J) – 20

Thomas B (2B) – 20

Oscar T (2H) – 20

Vishal S (2W) -20

James A (2H) – 30

Henry A (2B) – 30

Ishaan D (2B) – 30

Phew! Mrs Owen tells me she got writer’s cramp sending in that list. Keep it up, boys!


The U13A football team were in action twice this week, following up their friendly on Saturday with a cup game on Monday. Aaron M (2L) tells us about both:

The U13A team shared the early morning double decker with the senior football teams, we got changed and made our way to the pitches across the road. The match started with high intensity as Alleyn’s played a high press. Just before half time, Alleyn’s took a quick free kick, which resulted in a curling shot from the edge of the box making it one nil. In the second half, as the rain came down, Alleyn’s continued the pressure and started to play balls in behind the defence, and were able to score two more goals. Hampton managed a couple of attacking opportunities and kept the ball better in midfield but we were unable find a crucial goal. It was a difficult match against strong opposition in wet conditions and a good lesson for the team.

The team came out raring to go for the all important ISFA R2 cup match. St Edmund’s kicked off and Hampton pressed well to win the ball. Two minutes into the game we had our first attack, a pass was played into Rex B (2L) who struck the ball hard, hitting the keeper before going into the goal. Hampton kept the ball well and put lots of dangerous crosses into the box, leading to our second goal by Chibby N (2H). Hayden C (2H) and Tom S (2W) both managed to get on the score sheet before the break as we had several more waves of attacks. After the break Hampton played most of the game in the attacking half which resulted in lots of corners, one of which the opposition weren’t able to clear, Toby N (2W) latched onto the ball and was able to strike it cleanly into the near post. Shortly after Zaki SB (2J) scored his first of the match. St Edmund’s started to try and attack for the first time in the game, but couldn’t get past our back four. As a team we still had the momentum and Zaki SB (2J) scored his second at the end of another attack. To finish off Hayden C (2H) scored his second goal of the match after a good run down the wing. This was a good performance and win for the team, which is a good confidence booster for our forthcoming matches. The final result was 8-0.

Meanwhile the U13B team also had a tight match against Alleyn’s as Ben MJ (2W) reports:

Hampton were travelling to Alleyn’s School looking forward to the game. The game started off tense and the first half came to an end with the score 0-0. However, within 10 minutes of the second half Alpha B (2H) scored to put Hampton in the lead. Hampton continued fighting but unfortunately the match ended 2-1 to Alleyn’s

The table tennis season pinged into action with the Richmond Schools’ Championships. Vishal S (2W) tells us whether Hampton could put the opposition in a spin:

On the 8th October Hampton School played in the U13 Table Tennis Championships. Our A team played as well as our B team. There were many matches played against three other schools. Hampton played well winning many matches against some strong teams. The A team consisted of Ed GZ (2L), Vishal S (2W), Ishaan D (2B) and First Year Ronit R. Hampton’s A team won overall, winning medals and getting through to the South London Table Tennis Competition. Special mention also goes to the B team (made up of some determined First Years) who won too, coming top of their league table leaderboard. Overall, our teams were very successful and many thanks goes to all the staff which helped make this happen.

Fantastic work, boys! Now I’m absolutely delighted to feature a report on bridge. In my time editing the blog, this is the first bridge report I have received – normally they keep their cards pretty close to their chest.

Last weekend, Thomas B (2B) and I went to under 16 training for the England bridge team. For those of you who do not know what bridge is, it is a card game for two teams of two, or pairs. It is very enjoyable and I recommend you try it on No Limits Week. Bridge Club is in room 3E (on the lower floor of the atrium) at 1:00 pm on Wednesday lunchtimes. At the under 16 training, on Saturday we learnt some techniques and then played lots. After a long sleep, we went back on Sunday to learn strategies and play some more. It was a very enjoyable weekend (even though we played bridge for 13 hours!) and I hope there will be more training sessions in the future.

Thank you so much to Henry A (2B) for sending that in. It sounds like a wonderful experience. And Henry’s recommendation to give Bridge Club a try, leads us nicely into next week’s special event…



As announced in assembly, next week is No Limits Week. Simply put, this means that boys will be issued with an attendance card that they are expected to get signed by teachers at three new co-curricular activities. This is a fantastic opportunity for boys to try out some different activities which they may want to carry on with after half term. The normal Second Year Co-Curricular Programme will be running (https://intranet.hamptonschool.org.uk/activity-lists) and the PE department will be running the following competitions:

Activity                              Venue                Time/Notes

Indoor Rowing                 Ergo Room          Tue break, Wed break, Wed lunch (just bring trainers)

Technical sessions at break followed by a 3 minute test during Wed lunch. We are looking for two boys in each year to compete at the Richmond Schools’ Indoor Rowing Championships.


Fencing                            Sportshall           Mon after school

Please join our fencing coach, for an introduction to fencing


Badminton                       Sportshall            Mon and Tue lunch

King of the Court and other individual/pairs competitions


Table Tennis                     Sportshall            Mon and Tue lunch

King of the Table and other individual/pairs competitions


Basketball                        Sportshall            Thu lunch

Shooting Games and Streetball competitions


Volleyball                          Sportshall           Thu lunch

King of the Court and small teams competitions

Whatever you choose, give it your all!


Looking for a bit of inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Here are two more reports from pupils sharing their experience of co-curricular life at Hampton:

I have recently started attending Art Club every Tuesday at lunch. I am a very keen artist and I and currently doing a linocut project with my friend. I enjoy Art Club very much because you can do it with anyone whenever you want, even if it is once every 5 weeks. You can also do any project you want, ranging from a large clay model to a simple drawing. There is a large variety of projects that you can do and with that, a large variety of equipment that you can use. I would certainly recommend Art Club to everyone, even if they consider themselves not to be such a skilled artist. Art Club is suitable for everyone. Kieran BR (2J)

This week I went to the Mythological Society. At first I was reluctant to go but considering my friends were also going, I decided to give it a try. Since then I have gone to every meeting they’ve held. It is a great way to learn about Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology. There is also a competition of “make your own myth” by Cambridge and I’m quite keen to take part. I think clubs are a great way to make new friends and I would highly recommend this one in particular. Shaurya T (2J)

Thanks for those Kieran and Shaurya and to everyone who has sent in an article. The volume of contributions has been exceptional so far.



Well done to everyone who solved Oscar’s riddle – you had to break the pills in half.

This week, can you unscramble this anagram to find two teachers’ surnames?


Merits for the first correct answers as always.

Joke of the Week:

And finally… this week’s witticism comes from Rory P (2H):

Parallel lines have so much in common…

it’s a shame they’ll never meet


Have a great weekend!


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