Congratulations to these boys who have reached the following merit milestones:

20 merits – Henry Donaldson

70 merits – Jamie Hacking

80 merits – Leanesh Sivakumar, Toby Gwynne

90 merits – Edwin Martin

110 merits – Timothy Lee

A fantastic effort boys!


Well done to everyone who submitted a Hampton Extended Learning Project, we have had an outstanding crop this year. Mr Wilkinson has completed his judging and those who have won prizes will be notified very soon.


It has been a triptastic week for the Second Years. Will Heyes and Conor McNeany (respectively) let us know what they’ve been up to:

“During the RS trip, we visited three main religious sights and were taught about them. Firstly, we visited a Mandir, which was carefully constructed for over five years and had many beautiful, hand-carved pillars. Then we went to a Russian Orthodox Church where I found it interesting how many icons there were. Finally we visited St James’ Church. The Vicar, who is a Governor of Hampton, kindly taught us interesting facts about the church and its history.”


“On Thursday 2H, 2L and 2P headed to Portsmouth to see the remains of the Tudor ship, the Mary Rose, housed inside a purpose built museum. In the morning we went on a tour of the museum, where we saw part of the hull of the ship which had been recovered from the seabed, along with hundreds of genuine artefacts recovered from the wreck. After lunch we had a workshop on Tudor sources where we looked at the reliability of several pieces of evidence concerning the sinking of the Mary Rose and we also got a chance to look at some replica objects from the ship, and to tried and work out what they were used for. The trip was a good extension of our lessons on the Tudors from earlier in the year and it was a very interesting and enjoyable day for all.”


Unfortunately last weekend’s cricket fixtures against St Paul’s were cancelled but the tennis players have been on sparkling form. Ollie Drew tells us about their smashing performance:

“This Wednesday, six boys set out to play a quarter-final match against Trinity School. A match that would put the winners into the final of the Surrey Tennis Cup. After an hour and a half of playing, it paid off as Hampton finished with a 9-0 victory. This sent Hampton to the grand final. The team consisted of Dom H, Ollie, Henri, Nizar, Theo M-C and Will H.”



Just time for one more piece of very exciting news from outside school. You may well have already been to the cinema to see the new Star Wars film. But did you spot the Second Year student who makes a cameo appearance in it?? You’ll have to keep your jedis peeled. Owain Humphrey fills us in on the experience of filming:

“During the first three days, all my brother and I did was do homework and eat. But finally, on Thursday we were called on to the set. It was huge, the largest in Pinewood, and they had used almost all of it. Stormtroopers and black, clad men dominated the set and the directors and assistant directors were bossing everyone around. The first job I had to perform was as a young child playing with toys. We spent a day filming all of this scene but disappointingly, it was removed from the final film. The second and most exciting part in my opinion was tucked away in the corner of the set. We impersonated Stormtroopers. I was allowed to hold a blaster and put on a helmet. I was told that they outbid the Russian Government for some of the items! Again, as we were too far away from the cameras we could not make it on screen. In my final role, I was told to run up the stairs right next to the main actors! This time, you can see me on screen! It was a fun and exciting experience and I was very lucky to take part!”



Well done to everyone who knew that Poland borders the enclave of Kalingrad, which is part of Russia. Lots of winners.

This week: which is the only country playing at the World Cup whose capital city is not on the mainland (or main island) of the country?



“I was warned not to steal utensils, but I’m willing to take that whisk.”

Max Nandra

Have a great weekend!

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