The First Year boys seem to have very much enjoyed their long weekend and it was great to see them full of energy for the week ahead when they returned to School on Tuesday. This week, the boys have been working hard in preparation for their upcoming exams and are ready for the homework hiatus which will begin next week, so that they can embark on their revision. We wish all of the boys good luck with the revision and hope that they know that they can come and talk to any of the tutors if they have any concerns at all about the process.

It was timely, then, that the boys enjoyed a talk about resilience from one of our School Counsellors, Mr Dawson, during PSHE on Thursday. Mr Dawson emphasised to the boys that if they felt like their effort was not being rewarded with the grades they aspire to achieve, then it is time to try a different method of effort. The boys have been looking at revision techniques in PSHE, so it might be worthwhile them spending some time thinking about trying new methods of revision if they are not seeing the improvements they are hoping for. Furthermore, Mr Dawson encouraged the boys to embrace the challenges which are presented to them by School life. Whether it is academic, sporting, musical, artistic, facing challenges is a wonderful tool for building confidence and resilience and we hope the boys heard this message and have taken it on board.

School life continues on as busily as ever. It has been great to hear that a number of the boys are enjoying their rehearsals for The Ramayana. A number of our First Years are taking part and our poetry readers seem to be working especially hard on learning their pieces. We are very excited to see it in action! A number of the boys have also been handing in entries for the Rama and Sita exhibition, which will be held in The Hammond Foyer during the show run. They are to be commended for all their enthusiasm and hard work on this project! Congratulations, too, to Ben Z who is this week’s much deserved tutee of the week!

The sporting season has got off to a very positive start. Josh H provided me with this excellent summary of the tennis season so far:

“A first year tennis team consisting of Rohan C, Tom W, Rory P, Ed G-Z, Vishal S and Josh H has had mixed success so far this year. Despite having played few matches there certainly hasn’t been a lack of entertainment. The first match against Whitgift School was undoubtedly a tough one. It was tightly fought but unfortunately the boys’ best efforts couldn’t prevent a 5-4 loss. However, the next morning brought another opportunity as the first pair (Rohan and Tom) travelled to St George’s College in Weybridge for a tournament. Despite their best efforts, the Hampton first and second seeds came third in their group and therefore didn’t get through.

Unlike the previous two fixtures, the third brought Hampton’s first win with a 8-1 victory over Kingston Grammar School. Also a special well done to Rohan, Tom, Vishal and Josh for winning all of their matches. Everyone is continuing to work hard in training so hopefully more results will come.”

Next week is set to be a busy week, with an exciting RS trip to Neasden Mandir and the London Jewish Museum and the internal speaking exams for languages taking place. Good luck to all of the boys and we hope you have another great week at School!

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