Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!


Congratulations to all these boys on reaching the following milestones:

30 merits: Luis Julia de Pablo, Oliver Rochard, Daniel Townend

40 merits: Jack Farthing, Kyan Soni, Marcus Taylor

50 merits: Jamie Smith, Alexander Cresswell, Cameron Bara-Taylor

80 merits: Aadam Shahzad, Alexander Hulsenbeck, Joseph Treacy, Nicholas Murray

100 merits: George Garofalo (amazing!)

120 merits: Harry Spencer (wow!)


You may remember that last week, Akshat said his resolution was to bat in a more attacking fashion. Let’s find out how he got on for the U13Cs this week:

“On Saturday 19 May, Hampton school played against Reeds School. In the C team fixture they won 93 to 70, bowling out the entire opposition. With Adam bowling one wicket, Charlie bowling a wicket maiden, Cameron and Jimmy bowling two wickets and Arjan Sian bowling a double wicket maiden, a wicket maiden and a solo wicket. However, congratulations to Akshat batting number five and getting 29 runs not out and Callum and Eddie getting ten runs each.”

Looks like it paid off Akshat! Well done boys and thank you Arjan Sian for the report. The U13A team also put in a fine performance, triumphing in the face of adversity. Jack Hardy tells us how it unfolded:

“Over the weekend the U13As played Reeds away. Due to illness and Will K having to play for the year above we were down to ten men and were lacking a spinner. We lost the toss and they chose to bat. After a very good fielding performance backed up with great bowling and two hat-trick balls we limited them to 145 all-out. This left us 33 overs to chase their score. After a fantastic opening two overs left us 32 for no loss Kyan pushed on to get a very quick 60 before getting out caught. At this point we were in a good position on 98 for 2 after 12 overs we chased down the target within 20 overs with captain Ali Jennings getting us over the line with a classy 29 not out. Overall it was an amazing performance from the team with everyone doing their part to help with our victory.”


The tennis players have also been in action and we’ve netted this report from Alex Richford:

“On Thursday 17 May I played a tennis match against King’s College Wimbledon.  We played three sets of invigorating tennis. Will H and I lost the first match 4-1 but in the second match we went to a short tie-break after drawing 3-3, which we unfortunately lost.  The final match which we played me and Will worked very well together as a team to ensure the overall victory from Hampton.”

Well done boys! Outside school, we can now bring you a report of the Surrey Cup Final as promised last week. Thanks to Matthew Sedgewick for sending it in:

“Two Sundays ago, I played in the Surrey County Cup Final for Esher Wizards. We had got through the previous five rounds quite comfortably but the semi-finals were tricky as we were facing opposition that were a league higher than us. Eventually we won 1-0. The opposition we faced in the final was Sutton United, who had won the Premier Elite (one league above us and the top league they could be in). They scored three goals in the first-half but in the second half we dominated the pitch. We only had one goal to show for our efforts but as we were the underdogs, we played very well. Timmy and Isaac from 2J also played for Esher and did so very well. Next year, we have a very good chance of winning this trophy.”


In case you missed it, the Second Year Inter-Form Quiz Competition culminated this week. It’s been an excellent and closely fought competition. Here is Tayin Takhir’s reflection on it:

“Over the past few weeks each Second Year class has played four quiz matches against every Form. There was intense competition throughout each match with each player having a buzzer which they pressed to answer a starter question. If they answered correctly then their team would receive three bonus questions. Overall every match that I played was very exciting and the matches were a great way of improving each player’s general knowledge.”

Well done to the 2J team (Nick, Timmy, Ed and Pranav) who overcame 2H in the grand final on Wednesday. Both Forms were very well supported by their peers.

Hampton Extended Learning Projects

A reminder to all boys that the deadline for these is today! Well done to everyone who has undertaken a HELP, some stunning work has been produced. George Garofalo reflects on the experience:

“The HELP Project is a fun and useful piece of work that I would encourage many students to undertake. It develops time management, essay skills, independence and overall knowledge. For a HELP Project, a student must choose a topic which interests them and one they would like learn about and compose a piece of work on their chosen subject.  A pupil must do their own research and work on the project; this will be done with some guidance from their chosen supervisor – A member of staff  (chosen by the pupil) who will oversee the project. Overall, the HELP Project does develop a ‘love for learning’ for any student that decides to do one.”


Finally, good luck to all of you with your revision for the upcoming exams. Following on from what Miss Conway said in assembly, if you haven’t already, be sure to explore the Revision Techniques section of the intranet which you can find here: https://intranet.hamptonschool.org.uk/learning-support/learning-support/revision-techniques


Last week’s answers:

  • TTKSTWTTNG = it takes two to tango
  • TSXSNDSVNS = at sixes and sevens
  • NNRNDTTHTHR = in one ear and out the other

Some more missing vowels this week. Can you identify these sporting expressions?


As always, a merit for the first correct answer.


Did you hear about the mathematician who was afraid of negative numbers?

He would stop at nothing to avoid them.

Thanks to Oliver Tang for that one.


The blog will take a break during exam week and will return on 15 June

Have a great half-term break!

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