Welcome to the first Second Year Bulletin of the Summer Term!

The full range of clubs and activities have begun this week and sports fixtures kick off this weekend. I look forward to hearing about these next week and featuring them in this blog. Please email any entries to me (c.malston@hamptonschool.org.uk).


Second Year students have been keeping busy over the holidays. Let’s hear from some of the students who attended school trips this Easter, starting with Henry Donaldson who, along with the rest of the rugby squad, had a very early start as they headed to The Netherlands on the last day of term:

“During the Easter Holidays, the First and Second Years went to Holland on the school rugby tour on the coach. We stayed at a Centre Parcs where we shared a cabin to six people, we also enjoyed the entertainment facilities such as the white water rapids.

In Holland, the Second Year team played three games, winning one and losing two against tough opposition. During the last match, against a physically large and quick Dutch team,our defence was great and we fought to the end, although we lost I felt that it was one of the best performances of the year.”

Thanks Henry and well done to all involved. Next Edward Clarke had a classic time on the Latin trip:

“On Sunday, we had to be at the airport at four in the morning. This meant waking up even earlier, but we were able to sleep on the plane. Firstly, we went to Sorrento and looked at some of the ancient buildings and then climbed Mt Vesuvius. Mt Vesuvius was definitely my favourite part of the trip, and everyone loved looking into the crater. After Sorento, we went to Rome where we looked around Pompeii and made ice cream which was extremely popular with everyone.”

And finally Nick Allen tells us about his time in Spain:

“We arrived in Barcelona in the late morning and immediately set off for a walk around the town centre with Mr Blachford as our tour guide. We found out many exciting things about the city and learnt about the culture and life in Spain. We returned to idyllic views as we ate a typically Spanish supper of paella on the rooftop. We then headed for bed, ready for an exciting day tomorrow. We did more sight-seeing the next day before dining at a buffet restaurant. We then went to a Flamenco show, during which a band played while solo dancers performed.

On the Sunday we visited the major sights, La Sagrada Familia, which was an architectural masterpiece and the Nou Camp, the Barcelona stadium. The Nou Camp is a pilgrimage for many football fans so it was no surprise when some of our group became giddy with excitement.  We then ate another delicious dinner and headed back to the hotel. On the way, we played football in the park.

The next day was the best day for many, as we visited Porta Ventura and Ferrari Land. These were some of the best theme parks in the world and had some of the scariest rides. Six hours later we returned back to the hotel. This was our last full day in Barcelona.

On the final day, the sun shone so we headed to the beach to play football and volleyball on the sand. We then walked back to the town centre and bought ice cream and souvenirs. Afterwards, we headed home.”

Thank you to all staff involved and to the Sixth Formers who came too!

I’m sure that all boys who went on any of the trips would like to echo Nick’s thanks to the teachers involved in leading them and providing such a great opportunity for the boys.


Another puzzler from our resident riddler Tej Mosaku to get the ball rolling this term. A merit for the first correct answer to the riddle and a merit for sending in jokes

I am always somewhere between the ground and the sky. I am always in the distance and move further away when someone gets closer. What am I?


My friend was really annoying me by making bird puns; but then I realised Toucan play at that game.

Albie Hyde 

Have a great weekend!

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