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Third Year Blog – 16.03.18

Hello and welcome to this week’s bumper edition of the Third Year blog. Lots to talk about this week, starting with some creativity in English…

Rap Artist

Louis Middleton (3E) wrote and performed his very first rap this week, on sympathy for the Jewish moneylender Shylock in The Merchant of Venice, much to the amusement and enjoyment of his classmates. Miss Teunissen hopes that many literary-themed raps will follow and thinks that students should recognise that rap is a modern art form!

Headmaster’s Merit Certificates

Well done to all of the boys who have received enough merits to warrant a Headmasters Certificate this term. They should all go to the Headmaster’s study on Monday at break to collect Headmaster’s Merit Certificates:

  • Samaksh Agarwal
  • Ethan Clapham
  • Sam Colvine
  • Ben Francis
  • Rizwan Hatimi
  • Luke Jansen
  • Jai Saha
  • Ben Strong
  • Abhinand Sundaram
  • Rohan Vasudev
  • Kyle Seth
  • Nayaaz Hashim
  • William Fryer

Creative Writing Awards

Well done to all Third Year boys who entered the Creative Writing Awards 2018. The competition reached its climax yesterday as writer Saci Lloyd judged the finalist’s entries for an awards ceremony having delivered workshops to the boys involved earlier in the day. The results for the Intermediate category were as follows:


Ben H (3E)

Alex U (3J)


Theo R (4C)

Congratulations to Ben and Alex for their superb achievement… and for representing the Third Year so well in this competition!

Form Charity

Next week is a busy one for Form Charity. Events that Third Year boys can look forward to are as follows:

Monday – 12.40pm – 1.10pm – University Challenge Quiz – Staff v Boys (Hammond Theatre) – £1 entry

Mr Hitchings writes: In the Hammond Theatre on Monday at 12.40, a team of Sixth Form All-Stars will test their general knowledge against their own Sixth Form Tutors, in a classic clash of youth against experience. Pay £1 to Form Charity to see Owain Bates, Sam Millward, Fred Spence and Alfie Watkins take on Ms Buckley, Mr Doyle, Miss Field and Mr Lee in what critics are calling “the most eagerly-anticipated quiz match of the Hampton School calendar”.

Thursday – 10:55am – Charity Bake Sale (covered area outside the North Gym) – Sixth Formers are baking cakes and cookies – poster attached.

Friday – Half Day Mufti Day – whole school – £1 donation.

So, please remember to bring a little cash into School with you next week in order to take part and enjoy all these charity events.

Literature Quiz

Mrs Colvine was very impressed with the group of Third Year boys who took part in the Kingston Borough Inter-Borough Literature Quiz last week. Sandy M, Samuel C, Mohammed H, Jack E and Oliver P-B are all deserving of credit. Mrs Colvine wants to say a big thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment to the Lit Quiz. She knows how busy you all are and very much appreciated you giving up your free time to read the three set text. Well done for a creditable fourth place finish lads. The team also came top in the set texts rounds, which is a fantastic result. Well done boys.

Latin stars!

Miss Jacobs commends Shiv T and Luke M who have been amazing in Latin the past two lessons. They’ve been doing the teaching of a bit of new grammar to the rest of the class and they’ve been awesome at it. They did everything brilliantly – explaining, demonstrating on the board, motivating the boys, encouraging them, helping them with misunderstandings, reminding them of things they already knew, setting work, generally doing everything teachers do….. and next lesson they’ll be marking too! They’ve had 2 merits each – well deserved boys!

Maths Olympiad

Several Third Year boys sat the Intermediate Maths Olympiad this Thursday afternoon.

Daniel M
Pallav B
Sandy M
Josh J
Luke J
Tom Olby

Hope it went well chaps!


Mr Arnold wrote: A huge ‘well done’ to all of the boys who raced yesterday. They conducted themselves excellently and were great ambassadors for both the Boat Club and indeed the School. I was particularly struck by the maturity that they showed in dealing with the arduous process of boating and marshalling, and the efficient manner in which we got the equipment loaded on the trailer at the end of the day (despite being exhausted after their exertions).

On the water, the boys rowed with great determination, and it was incredible to see the A octuple place 2nd, the B octuple 7th, the C octuple 3rd, the D octuple 1st and the E octuple 1st in their respective categories. As a group of coaches, we felt enormously proud to be one of just two schools with five crews competing, showing the strength in depth of our squad.

Unfortunately, the fixture with Radley this week has been postponed until Thursday 19 April, due to the high stream conditions on their stretch of river.

Fantasy Six Nations Update

Congratulations to Shane Bowden for being the highest scoring boy in Round 4 of the Third Year 6 Nations League – edible prize is waiting in the HoY Office! There is only one weekend left – all will be decided on Super Saturday. Will anyone be able to topple Mr Studt from the throne? Rumour has it that he is already writing his acceptance speech, of course generously donating the prize to the first boy.


Rank TeamManagerMDP Points
1Studt’s StudsMr Studt81364
25 Pressup Penalties Shane Bowden75343
3Ball Hogg Ethan Knight63317
4London Dutch Thomas Ketel61307
5Neo’s kiddos Neo Sukhraj-Hammerl64303
6Smith’s soldiers victoria smith52292
7Jay’s Lightning Jay Hothi50290
8Class on Grass Paskin Luke54287
9Will’s Lions William Simpson55283
10I’ll win Alfie Simonds-Gooding61270
11The special ones… Ollie Hartley55265
12Ptolemy Wallace-Jones Ptolemy Wallace-Jones70263
13Sam’s cool people Sam Walker47262
14Ben Freer ben freer45261
15max s Maximilian Schaefer62239
16Freddie Seddon XV Freddie Seddon42225
17Ollies Wollies Ollie Verny White61220
18Faletau’s followers Sam Brewster69218
19Colvine’s Kings Sam Colvine70215
20Rigby’s Ruckers Tom Rigby51212



Rank TeamManagerPoints
1Studt’s StudsMr Studt81
25 Pressup Penalties Shane Bowden75
3Ptolemy Wallace-Jones Ptolemy Wallace-Jones70
3Colvine’s Kings Sam Colvine70
5Faletau’s followers Sam Brewster69
6Benedict Pearce Benedict Pearce66
7Neo’s kiddos Neo Sukhraj-Hammerl64
8Ball Hogg Ethan Knight63
9max s Maximilian Schaefer62
10I’ll win Alfie Simonds-Gooding61
10Ollies Wollies Ollie Verny White61
10London Dutch Thomas Ketel61
13Will’s Lions William Simpson55
13The special ones… Ollie Hartley55
15Tallman’s Tanks Jack Talman54
15Class on Grass Paskin Luke54
17Smith’s soldiers victoria smith52
18Rigby’s Ruckers Tom Rigby51
19Jay’s Lightning Jay Hothi50
20Sam’s cool people Sam Walker47