Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog


Congratulations to all these boys who have reached the following merit milestones:

10 merits: William Knowles, Charlie Murphy, Oliver Rochard, Seb Lear, Kai Kelly

20 merits: Tom Banks, Sherjeet Khan, Marcus Taylor

30 merits: Marcus Bob, Freddy Liang, Sebastien Abercrombie

40 merits: Fahad Bhaiji, Alexander Hulsenbeck, Aadam Shahzad

60 merits: Nicholas Murray

120 merits: Luke Trotman (Wow!!!)


This week has seen the fantastic school production of Oliver! – The Musical with Waldegrave School which featured a number of Second Year pupils in various capacities. Well done to all involved in an outstanding show. We look forward to a full report from some of those involved in the next edition of this newsletter.


“On the 5th of February 2018, the Think! Club had the privilege of joining Mr Schofield in the C4 lab. Our purpose was to contemplate on what would happen to Earth without water. Our first experiment was to heat a purple powder which was hydrated cobalt chloride. It turned blue when heated and purple again when water was added. Next, Mr Schofield placed a lump of Potassium in a bowl of water. It created an interesting reaction – it erupted in a lilac flame and left a trail of white steam as it bounced around the bowl. The reaction was carried out in a bowl rather than a beaker, as the energy levels given off by the reaction would explode the beaker – something we all wished to see. Mr Schofield then mixed a powder of Silver Nitrate (a silvery salt) and powdered magnesium. Nothing happened. But he was not done yet – he shot a stream of water at the mixture. Immediately it began to omit a brown smoke and a bright white spark appeared. Within seconds the reaction was over. To sum up our workshop, Sir explained reactions in our body could not occur as we need water to complete them. Well, that’s certainly the last time I drink water with my salty chips!”


The U13A Football team put in a comprehensive performance. Sam Brewster tells us all about it:

On Saturday, 3 February, Hampton U13A football team took on the challenge of playing Wilson’s School. In the first-half, we started off strong and put a lot of pressure on the opposing side. At halftime the scoreline was 2-0 to us, with goals from Joe Treacy and Alex Di Soccio. In the second-half, we ran way with the lead and our attractive playing style meant that the game ended up 6-0 to Hampton. There were great goals from Adam Coombs, Joe Moylan-Jones, Mario Romano and Ben Robinson. A big thank you to Mr Haynes for covering our team and I hope this gives us momentum for the following games.



Don’t forget about this fantastic opportunity to showcase your creative talents. The Half-Term break is the perfect chance to work on your entry.


Additionally, if you are planning to complete a HELP Project, make sure to get your proposal form to Mr Wilkinson ASAP. More details can be found on the school intranet.


Well done Timmy Lee who was first to solve last week’s brainteaser. There were in fact 25 triangles.

This week Tej Mosaku (who is fast becoming our regular puzzlemaster) has set us this. First correct answer gets a merit.

What appears once in a minute 

            Twice in a moment 

            But never in a thousand years?


Finally, this week’s Joke of the Week comes from Joe Treacy:

What do you need to win a chess game in Prague?

Czech Mate


Have a great half term break!