Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog


Firstly, congratulations to students who have reached the following merit milestones:

Arjan S– 10

Jamie S – 20

Louis S-G – 20

James M – 20

Toby G – 40

Timothy L -60


Let’s start with a slightly subjective take on events at last week’s chess fixture:

“Hampton had the first and third chess team up against KCS Wimbledon. The first team went undefeated with a score of 5.5 to 0.5 but the third team had a much tougher match of 4.5 to 7.5. The only person winning both their games in the third team was Arjan Sian from 2J on board one.”

And that report came from… Arjan S (2J)

Moving to rugby, Toby Gwynne braved the rain last Saturday. Let’s hear how he got on:

“On Saturday the U13B rugby team played Warwick School at a neutral ground in Aylesbury. It was extremely windy, rainy and cold but we all put up a great fight despite being absolutely freezing. We lost the match but came very close to scoring some tries towards the end. We all had a good time and were all extremely muddy by the end!”

In the world of football, the B team came from behind to record an impressive victory. Jamie Hacking reports:

“On Saturday 20th January the Hampton U13b football team played against Wimbledon College. Wimbledon opened the scoring with an incredible free-kick over the wall. Euan then made a great run through the Wimbledon defence and equalled the score at half-time. In the second half, goals from Zac, Kyan, Cameron and Jamie made the score 6-1 at full-time. ”



Congratulations to Nick A (2J), Conor M & Harry S (2H), Akshat M (2L) and George G (2B) who have been selected for the Junior Quiz Team squad. Some of these boys will be featuring in our first round match next week. Good luck!


If you’ve been up to something blogworthy outside school, I’d love to hear about it! This, from Toby Gwynne, is a fantastic example!

“For several years now, some of my friends from my old school and I have done projects at the Big Bang Science Fair. Every year we’ve been too young to proceed to the next round in Birmingham, but this year we weren’t. Our project was about AI (artificial intelligence) how this will affect our lives in the future. We went to the first round at Uxbridge College and presented our project to two groups of judges. Later we found out that we got through to the next round so we will be presenting our project again in the Birmingham Big Bang Fair in March!”

Well done, Toby! And we look forward to hearing an update in March.


Thank you to Kristian Wells for brightening up this week’s blog with some art. Here, on the right, is his drawing of a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor Plane, with a photo of the real thing for comparison.

Great stuff Kristian! I’d be delighted to make this a regular feature so please do send in anything that any of you have drawn.


Well done to Nick A and Timmy L(2J) who were the fastest to respond with the correct answer to last week’s riddle. Still scratching your head? A: There was a son, his father and his grandfather.

This week we have a brainteaser from Tej Mosaku:


Fill in the gaps with the remaining 5 numbers from the set 1-19 in the correct order

As always, a merit for the first few correct answers.


Finally, this week’s Joke of the Week comes from Ben Fryer:

Q: What do you call a magic dog,
A: A labracadabrador!


Have a great week!