Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog


Firstly, congratulations to students who have reached the following merit milestones:

Yiannis M – 10

Leanesh S – 50

George G – 50



This week Mr McBay gave a presentation to Second Year students about choosing their options for next year. All students should have brought home a copy of the options booklet. Remember, the deadline for submitting your choices is Tuesday 20 February.

Group A Group B
Art French
Design Technology German
Drama Ancient Greek with Latin
Music Latin

You must pick three subjects. At least one from Group A and at least one from Group B.

This week we are featuring one report from each of the two main sports. Remember, there will be a chance for all members of the Second Year to pit their skills against each other in the Inter Form Football & Rugby competitions taking place on the first day back after half term (Monday 19 February). Forms need to organise themselves into two squads. The intention is that everyone who is able to take part, does so. Good luck!


First let’s here from Cameron Hill who was involved in a cracker of a game with the U13A rugby team:

“For our first match after the Christmas break we travelled to Glyn School. We started off the game with the conditions against us, playing uphill and into the wind. After two misplaced kicks and a couple of missed tackles we found ourselves 20-5 down heading into the second half. Following a rousing team talk we were determined to change the score. With some good kick chases we were 20-25 up with only seconds on the clock. Glyn then had a penalty on our line. For the next 5 minutes we didn’t miss a tackle. The whistle blew and the score read 20-25 to Hampton. We are all very proud of how we held our defensive line.”


And now Seb Abercrombie tells us about the U13E football fixture against one of our big rivals.

“Last Saturday the E Team had an away fixture against Dulwich College. Before the match everyone was excited as our last two matches had been cancelled due to the poor weather conditions. We played a solid first half, going into the break 1-1 after I crossed in the ball and one of their defenders slid in and deflected the ball into the top corner, scoring an own goal. Their goal came from a counter-attack, as they had a very fast winger who kept attacking with pace. We started the second half well and Saim N (2H) scored a penalty putting us 2-1 up but after some substitutions they took advantage of our weaknesses and we ended up losing 5-2. I think we can definitely take away some positive things from this match, and I’d say the main problem was that we hadn’t played together long enough.”

Thanks for your reports, boys. Please do keep sending them in. I’m always keen to hear about fixtures at all levels for all sports and activities.


Second Year boys have been trying out for the inaugural School’s Challenge Junior Quiz Team this week. Our first fixture is coming up this half term so a report will feature in these pages. If you missed the trials but think that this is for you, please see me ASAP.


How did you do with Paddy Quirke’s puzzle from last week?.

What’s the next number in the sequence ?


Well, the answer was 13. Still not sure why? Hint: it has to do with how you spell them…

Thanks Paddy for that cracker. This week we have a riddle, courtesy of Jack Farthing:

Q: Two fathers and two sons go fishing but they only bring back three fish. How is this possible if they all caught one fish?

First correct answer gets a merit.


Finally, this week’s Joke of the Week comes from Luis Julia de Pablo:

Q: Why shouldn’t you write on an empty stomach?

A: Because it’s better to write on paper.


Have a great week!