Holocaust Memorial Event 2018

School News

Children from seven different schools took part in Hampton’s second Holocaust Memorial event, to remember the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust, along with all those killed in subsequent genocides.

The event focused on Bea Green, now in her nineties, who escaped from Nazi Germany to Britain in 1939, on the Kindertransport. School children from Turing House School, Teddington School, Tolworth Girls School, Hampton High and Orleans Park took part in a workshop, making posters designed to highlight the horrors of the Nazi regime.

Mrs Green then spoke to more than 300 people including pupils, parents and local dignitaries, in The Hammond Theatre. Bea’s grandson Ben is a Fourth Year Hampton pupil, and he introduced his grandmother to the audience.

Mrs Green described how her father had been beaten and paraded through the streets by the Nazis, before her family decided that Munich was unsafe and she was sent to England on the Kindertransport. Mrs Green spent the rest of her life living in England, and she counts herself as one of the lucky ones: 

My best friend was murdered by the Nazi regime along with thousands of others. It is a miracle to me that I managed to escape and that I have had a wonderful family, when so many were robbed of their future.