Third Year Blog

3rd Year Blog

Well done everyone – you made it! As a marathon Autumn Term comes to a close we can reflect on how far everyone has come in the last four months. Teambuilding day seems a long time ago now, and all the boys in Third Year will have a story to tell over the Christmas Dinner table about the journey they have been on since that day. We hope that boys will take the chance to rest and recover over the Christmas Holiday, whilst also taking notice of the feedback in their reports ready to make any necessary improvements in the New Year.

Inter-Form Competition (Wills’ Cup) Update:

Mr Studt has done the counting up after the Volleyball; there has been a lot of movement in the table for the Wills’ Cup!

FORM POINTS IN EVENT 1 (Teambuilding) POINTS IN EVENT 2 (Cross-Country) POINTS In EVENT 3 (Volleyball) TOTAL
3E 9 5 8 22
3H 7 6 9 22
3D 5 9 6 20
3C 6 8 3 17
3A 3 8 5 16
3F 8 2 4 14
3J 4 3 7 14
3B 2 4 1 7
3G 1 1 2 4

Excellent Work:

Mr Cross was so impressed with the video that Dylen S (3A) produced on Zeppelins in World War I, that he asked for it to be included in the blog.

Happy watching –

Mrs Arnott was delighted with Leon G (3F) as he was the first student to hand in his Personal Investigation (4 days early!) and it is a really good piece of work. Well done Leon!

Miss Smith was also impressed with Joe G (3G) who handed in his Personal Investigation on Monday!

Dr Carrier notes that the presentation and condition of Kabir S (3C) RS book is really a tremendous credit to him. He clearly takes a lot of pride in his work – keep it up Kabir.


Ollie P-B, Fred D and Jack E (all 3C) and a few others took part in the MUN conference at Benenden School on Monday. Ollie represented the Ukraine, Fred and Jack represented Guatemala. Jack’s resolution was debated – quite an achievement at an MUN conference! Alex M (3J) won the Outstanding Delegate Prize – well done Alex. The boys all really enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next conference at LEH early next Term.

Oskar Z (3J) co-authored and helped his father to host a Christmas Quiz for 125 people on Thursday. This nerve-racking experience helped his public speaking skills.


Jay Heading (3F) took this photo on Monday in the carpark of a beautiful sunset. He clearly has an artistic eye!

Merry Christmas Everyone!