Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

Welcome to the first Second Year Bulletin of 2018!

Firstly, congratulations to students who have reached the following merit milestones:

  • Terrific 20 – Fahad Bhaiji, Dhruv Duggal, Alexander Cresswell
  • Fab 40 – George Garofalo, Joe Treacy
  • Fantastic 50 – Nicholas Murray, Dominic Must, Akshat Mathur
  • Super 60 – Harry Spencer
  • Splendid 70 – Krishna Wijayasingam
  • No way! 90 – Luke Trotman

I hope everyone has had a wonderful break and has returned raring to go this term. There were a few school trips taking place over the break, Alex Cresswell sloped off to France with the ski trip: 

‘At the end of last term 62 boys went on the junior ski trip to les Ménuires. This included the Second and Third Year as well as three First Year boys. We were split into six groups and did 4-6 hours of skiing each day. Everyday, in the evenings, we would do extra activities including ‘bum boarding’ and swimming. It was great fun and an exciting thing to do before Christmas.’ 

This week Second Years have taken a break from their normal language lessons to experience some of the other languages on offer at the school with a view to choosing their options next year. Let’s hear about the experience, firstly from Dhruv Duggal and then from Akshat Mathur:

  • This week all the Second Years have had/are having taster lessons for different languages to pick for next year. So far, I have had a brilliant time learning French, Mandarin, German and Greek and I can’t wait to learn Russian as well. It has been a great use of time and I have found it really helpful as it makes my decisions for next year much easier. Overall, it was amazing.
  • I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be able to speak, write and understand Mandarin. But I was never able to fulfil this wish at my previous schools as we never had exposure. However, I was very fortunate to find out that all Second Years were being offered a chance to pick up languages in the Third Year by having taster lessons for a week. This offered a fantastic chance for all of us to gain a better understanding of languages we would have liked to pick up and languages we never thought we would have enjoyed! The taster lessons consisted of French, German, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin. I found Mandarin the most enjoyable with German close behind. The French taster lesson was notable for its brilliant song. We haven’t yet had our Russian taster course but I thoroughly look forward to it. Lastly, a very big thank you to the School and the teachers involved. The idea of a language taster idea was fabulous!

Of course clubs are up and running again this week and there has been one very exciting club-related event already as Alex Cresswell reports:

On the 6 January, I along with 8 other boys went to Newbury to compete in the First Lego League Robotics competition. We didn’t win, however we won a trophy for best design and presentation. I enjoyed it very much and I think everyone else did too. Hopefully we can compete again next year and do better.

Well done, boys!



And outside school there is more excitement as we have two potential television stars in the making. In a previous blog, Theo Mantel-Cooper and Freddy Liang told us about their experience auditioning for a new TV show. Here is a recap and we now have a date for when the show will be screened so we can tune in and see how they get on:

Theo Mantel-Cooper and Freddy Liang from 2H applied to take part in a new children’s TV show called Spy School. They managed to get through several rounds of auditions and were picked from over 500 children to make the final 28 spy cadets. They completed 2 days of filming for a timed assault course and spy problem solving at a secret London location. The Spy School series started last Sunday and their episode of Spy School will be shown on Sunday 4th March on ITV at 8.30am.

Put it in your diary! Lastly, here is a cautionary tale from Pranav Santhosh of which we can all take heed:

This is a life lesson that I am going to share with you.  Just so you don’t make the same mistake I did. On Tuesday the under 13 A team had a table tennis match against Wallington.  The team consisted of Ed G-Z, Arya L-A, Tim L and me.  Going into the final doubles match Hampton were 5-4 down and if we won it, Hampton would have won on more sets won. In the final doubles, Tim and I were 2-0 up in a first to 3 match.  Unfortunately, we didn’t know that we still had a chance and we thought we were getting thrashed overall.  So, we started messing around and going for trick shots and we lost 3-2.  Only after we finished, we found out that we could have won.  So a life lesson for everyone, never give up even if you are certain that you are going to lose!

Good advice, Pranav!


The answers to the festive dingbats are:

  • Mince Pies 2) Turkey Leftovers   3) Frankincense

4)   Festive Season       5) White Christmas  6) Peace on Earth

Well done if you got any of those. This week’s puzzle comes from Paddy Quirke. A merit for the first correct answer:

What’s the next number in the sequence ?


This week’s Joke of the Week comes from Ollie Tang:

Why did the cell phone wear glasses?

Because he lost his contacts!

Have a great week!