Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!

Firstly, congratulations to students who have reached the following merit milestones:

10 merits – Kai K

20 merits – Tom F

30 merits – Xavier M, Joe T

40 merits – Harry S Dominic M

60 merits – Krishna W (wow!)

80 merits – Luke T (Wow! Wow!)

Very well done to all! There is still time before Christmas to get yourself over the next merit threshold. One way to earn a merit is of course to submit an article for this blog.

There has been lots going on this week, including the latest instalment in the Talk! series of visiting speakers on interesting and relevant topics. Harry Spencer reports:

“I went to a TALK! with Grant Feller, a journalist who spoke about fake news and how people don’t always spot it. I learned all about it and Grant Feller told us that it was his opinion that fake news should not be taken down as we can learn from it. It was all very interesting and I would encourage people to go to a TALK! , as I have been to a few. If you are interested in finding out new things and perspectives on things they are always great and also a lot of fun.”

Krishna Wijayasingam has been honing his own talking skills and recommends you join him:

“I have been to Debating Club a lot recently and have thoroughly enjoyed participating in it. We debate on contentious issues, for example if we need a third runway at Heathrow or not. We have fun debating and also planning for debates with our friends. I recommend this club for boys who want to expand upon their vocabulary and English skills and also anyone that wants to have a bit of fun on Thursdays. Hope to see more second years in the future… Have a great weekend!”

Another excellent opportunity to use these debating skills is at Model United Nations. Read this blog next week for a report on the MUN taster at LEH which some Second Years are attending.
Alex Cresswell has been learning to speak in an entirely different language this half term:

“For the past four weeks I have been attending the Russian taster course. This week has been especially exciting as we were talking about various types of Russian food such as pancakes (блины) and mini pretzels (бублики) and we even got to try some. We also learned about the Christmas/New Year celebrations, that they celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January and that New Year is a bigger celebration in Russia than Christmas.”

Thanks for that Alex, and extra well done for the first blog post of the year to feature a different alphabet. There will be taster lessons in all the different language options at the start of next term so all boys will get a flavour of the additional language they may pick up in Third Year

The U13 rugby team were competing in the Middlesex Festival at St James Senior Boys’ School last week. They had six games over two rounds of group fixtures, which all boiled down to the last match against some local rivals. Cameron Hill talks us through it:

“We knew going into our final game knowing that this was for the shield. Halliford School were going to want to beat us even more after we had beaten them just a few weeks before. At half-time we were just ahead but we couldn’t take our foot off the gas as the game wasn’t over yet. Finally, the final whistle blew and we were crowned the champions of the shield beating Halliford 30-10. We went to the presentations and were confirmed the champions of the shield competition
Many thanks to Mr Gray, Mr Mobb-Smith and Mr Studt for coaching us and leading us to be champions of the shield.”

Congratulations to all involved, a fabulous result!


Well done to Timmy L who was the fastest to identify “Robin Hood” as being the answer to last week’s dingbat. Try your luck with this one (as always, first few correct answers win a merit):

And of course, let’s end with the Joke of the Week. Thank you to everyone who has submitted entries this term – it has been considerably the most well entered feature of the blog!

This week’s winner is a politically charged yet festive entry from James Clark:

What do Donald Trump’s presidency and your advent calendar have in common?

Both their days are numbered

Christmas themed jokes only next week please

Have a great weekend!