Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog


Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!

Firstly, congratulations to students who have reached the following merit milestones:

10 merits – Alexander C, James C, Luis J, Saim N

20 merits – Jamie H, Freddie S, Sebastien A, Gus C, Alexander H, Marcus B

30 merits – Harry S, Aadam S

50 merits – Krishna W

Very well done to all.

We are entering December and Second Years are being asked to bring in canned foods, toiletries and educational items for the Hounslow Food Box donation initiative. Oliver Pulfrey-Baker was involved in this initiative last year and tells us about his experience of delivering the collection:

“The form charity trip to the Hounslow Foodbox is an interesting and enriching experience. It allows you to work with the community helping those that are less fortunate in life and to contribute by bringing the boxes of supplies. You get to work by seeing the most cost efficient ways of making a healthy meal and learn about the stories of the people in the area who rely on the FoodBox initiative. It is a fascinating and moving trip and if you are a Second Year form charity representative I highly recommend this visit.”

There are boxes in all Second Year. Please do bring in items to donate.

Now whilst the snow may not be here yet, Marcus Bob knows where to find the next best thing:

“On Tuesday, around twenty-five boys from the Second and Third year, plus a few Sixth formers, went to Sandown Ski Centre for our ski practice. It was a lot of fun, and we started to learn to turn and do more complicated things. There were quite a few crashes, but thanks to the amazing instructors, everybody had a safe and beneficial session. We can’t wait to get on the real snow on the trip to Les Menuires.”

 It is always great to hear a bit about what Second Year boys have been up to during lunchtime clubs. This week Harry Spencer gets in on the act:

“A few other boys and I attended Drama Club on Tuesday, at 1.00pm, where we played sometime games like chain mime. Somehow a lion hunting turned into a lazy dog that fell over a lot. We also played “Mr President” which resulted in a lot of laughter and was great fun.”

And anyone who follows the news will know that there has been plenty of drama in Spain recently as well. Xavier Miklichansky-Maddocks has sent in his view on the current political situation in Catalonia:

I went to Barcelona with my family for half-term. Everybody had told me to be careful because there were huge problems there. There is an argument going on:  about half of the people want Catalonia to be an independent country. The Spanish government doesn’t agree. On the 1st of October, about 40% of Catalonians went to vote (the rest didn’t bother!) and most of those who voted (90%) said they wanted to become independent. After the vote, Carles Puigdemont, the president of Catalonia, said Catalonia was an independent country, but the Spanish government said the vote was illegal and they took over control of Catalonia and put people who had organised the vote in jail. On TV, they make it look as though a lot of people are demonstrating in Barcelona, either for or against independence. However, I really think it’s exaggerated. When I was there, everything in Barcelona was normal. There were only a few flags hanging from houses but that was it. When I asked her, my mum’s cousin said it was about “politics and money” and she didn’t want to get involved in it. So, if you are thinking of going, I would recommend going to Barcelona because it is a beautiful city by the sea!”

And Second Year pupils will be doing just that in the Easter holidays so we may get an update then.

Just a couple of sports reports this week. Firstly, let’s check out how the chess tournament went:

“On Monday 27 the U13A Table Tennis team set off to the London South ESTTA finals. We drew Tiffin in the first round – a tough team. We fought hard, but they proved to us and the rest of the schools that they were the best there. After our initial defeat, we went into the plate – all the teams who had lost their first round. We were against Whitgift, who we knew were going to be difficult opponents. However, we played well and we progressed to the plate finals against Oasis Academy. Excellent performances from everyone in the team meant that we won 7-1 and the plate.”

Thanks to Timmy Lee for that report. And lastly, Jack Farthing tells us about the end of an era in the U13C Football team:

“After an invincible run of 18 games played, 18 games won, the U13C team lost a close match against a very good Wilson School B team. At 5-2, the scoreline was an unfair reflection on a very close match; Wilsons went 3-0 up but we narrowed the deficit to 3-2 at half time. Unfortunately, after a well-contested second half, two late goals gave Wilsons an advantage that could not be closed and the U13 C team lost their first ever match.”

Congratulations to all boys involved in the C team’s incredible run. You must have had an incredible coach last year ;)


Well done to all those students who got the correct answer to last week’s dingbat trivia: Forgive and Forget. Lots of correct answers, but the merit went to Fahad Bhaiji. I will give a merit to the first three correct answers this week (

Finally, the Joke of the week entries have been coming thick and fast. There are often some rather unusual entries and I thought it was about time to reward originality and showcase a couple of the jokes that I think have been written by the students themselves:

Q: What do you call a hungry Christmas tree?

A: Katniss Evergreen

Fahad Bhaiji

Q: Why was Mr Knibbs so worried?

A: Because he found out that there were lots of rulers in the maths department.

Xavier Miklichansky-Maddocks

Have a great weekend!