Third Year Blog

3rd Year Blog

The nights are drawing in and the frost is starting to affect our journeys into School first thing in the morning, but the pace of life at Hampton continues to generate enough heat to keep everyone warm. Sports fixtures, music lessons, rehearsals, rock climbing, robot building and (of course) chess, to name a few of the things that boys are getting up to outside their busy academic schedules. Most boys have had a chance to reflect on their first half-term performance after receiving their grade cards and are working with their Form Tutors to set goals for the term ahead where necessary. We wish you all well in putting that good advice to sensible use and applying it in the weeks ahead.


Well done to Ben F (3B) and Abhinand S (3A). Based on their performance in Chemistry these two have been selected to represent the School as part of a team of four at the Royal Society of Chemistry ‘Top of the Bench’ competition. The regional heat is taking place at St Benedict’s, Ealing on Tuesday. Good luck boys!

Congratulations are also due to James B (3G), who got his Karate Junior Black Belt during half term and competed in the FSKA Karate World Championship in Crawley. The training and commitment required to reach this level deserves our recognition and admiration – well done James.

Football Match Report – U14D vs Charterhouse:

On Saturday, the U14D’s played against an energetic Charterhouse side. The game started with Hampton keeping most of the possession and it didn’t take long for Easan G to grab the first goal. Throughout the game the D’s dominated and many more goals came after: Alessandro R with 4, Jamie L with a brace and Freddie H, Leon G, Joel A and Ben F with a goal each. Charterhouse managed to pull a goal back in the closing stages of the game to make the final score, 11-1.

Inter-Form Competition Update:

Well done to the Third Year Cross Country runners and, in particular, to the 21 boys who were fastest on the day:

Place Athlete Form Time
1 Louis Middleton 3E 11.10
2 Kabir Sait 3C 11.12
3 Luke Walsh 3A 11.15
4 Alastair Platt 3D 11.25
5 Joe Cowley 3D 11.30
6 Ludo Bellamy 3B 11.47
7 Sam Evans 3H 11.50
8 Ethan Knight 3D 11.51
9 Jonah Blake 3A 11.52
10 Jack De Costa 3E 11.55
11 Oli Verny White 3C 11.55
12 Tomasz Findlater 3H 11.57
13 Nat Woolaghan 3C 11.58
14 Finlo Cowley 3A 11.59
15 Ben Freer 3H 12.07
16= Chris Hardy 3J 12.11
16= Zander Wright 3E 12.11
18 Charlie May 3D 12.32
19 Ethan Cox 3J 12.33
20 Ptolomy Wallace Jones 3F 11.35
21 William Fryer 3B 11.36


As Cross Country is part of the Inter Form Competition, it  is all heating up now! After their sterling performance, Form 3D and 3C have now pulled level with previous leaders 3E. 3H are only one point behind in second place with the rest of the field not all that far behind, either. Be aware, athletic forms – you can’t rely on brawn alone! Brains will be required to do well in the later stages of the competition, such as in the Escape Room Competition or the General Knowledge Quiz.

3E 9 5 14
3D 5 9 14
3C 6 8 14
3H 7 6 13
3A 3 8 11
3F 8 2 10
3J 4 3 7
3B 2 4 6
3G 1 1 2


Watch out for the next event!