Senior Prizegiving 2017

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Hampton welcomed governors, parents, recent leavers and current pupils to the 2016-2017 Senior Prizegiving evening last week. This year’s principal guest was the UK’s head of counterterrorism, Mark Rowley, Specialist Operations Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.  Mr Rowley attended in his capacity as a parent of two Hampton alumni.

During a fascinating address, Mr Rowley offered insight into the leadership challenges he has faced during his career as one of the top police officers in the country.  He spoke movingly of the response by the emergency services to recent terrorist incidents, such as the 2017 Westminster and London Bridge attacks and the Parson’s Green tube explosion.

The Senior Prizegiving ceremony saw Mr Rowley present awards to more than 200 Hamptonians, who excelled inside and outside the classroom over the previous academic year. Last year’s School Captain, Chris Searle, was awarded the prestigious Fitzwygram Cup, while Angus Shennan received the leading award for service to the School, the Dennis King Cup.

Mr Rowley also spoke about his own memories of being a teenager and identifying at the age of 17 that he wanted to join the police force. His message to today’s Hamptonians was to identify and follow their own passion, leading to a career they would look forward to following every day.

The Headmaster, Kevin Knibbs, took the opportunity to highlight the exceptional personal qualities of Hampton’s 2017 Leavers, who, he observed, had embodied the School’s ethos through being ‘caring, grounded, confident young men who are aspirational yet not arrogant; perceptive yet not presumptuous; interesting, interested and able to interact with people from all backgrounds’  

Mr Knibbs also urged them to use what they had learned and experienced during their time at Hampton to make a difference, saying:

Please use the privilege of your education here as a springboard to shape your lives and to influence the lives of others for the better.

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