Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!

Firstly, congratulations to boys who have reached the following merit milestones:

10 merits – Riley W, Sam W, Marcus T, Aidan P, Euan G, Louis S-G, William N, Jamie H, Jamie S, Henry D, Pranav S, Dominik H, Isaac F, Henri B, Kyan S

20 merits – Zain K, Xavier M-M, Edwin M, Nicholas A, Tom S

30 merits – Toby G, Joe M-J

40 merits – Leanesh S, Nicholas M, Akshat M, Timothy L

60 merits – Luke T

Well done all – a fantastic effort!

This week I have had lots of reports from 2nd years who are involved in extra-curricular clubs. Please keep these coming! It’s great to hear about them. And if you have a photo or two, so much the better.

For example, James Clark has found an activity that hits the right note:

“Last Friday lunchtime I went to Junior Rock Band. This term we are working on two songs for the gig in the new year. The two songs are Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie and Times Like These by Foo Fighters. I am playing the drums for the latter.”

And here is Jamie Smith with the fidget spinner he designed and created in Tech club.

Staying with Technology, Rory Gilheany tells us what he’s been up to:

“In tech class, we are making toys out of MDF wood material. We are using a wide variety of tools, such as a belt sander and an electrical saw. With these we are able to create perfectly measured edges and make our toys look as if they’re made in a factory. It’s extremely satisfying to make them as when constructed they look professionally made. By Christmas they will be constructed and will look as if they were made in a factory, which is extremely satisfying and rewarding.”



And it’s not hard to see how this fantastic idea could take off:


On Friday the 17th of November Alex H, Jacob I and I went to model aviation club, run by Mr Richards. This club is for anyone who has a passion for drones, you can even make your own FPV (first person view) drone which are very fast small drones. Next time I am going to take one of my drones which has a broken motor. Hopefully we can find a way to repair it.”

Fingers crossed for Alex Cresswell and his team.

It’s also great to hear about some of the things students have been up to outside of school. Krishna Wijayasingam sums up one of his passions here:

“I have been to ‘The Cithambra maths challenge’ three times and have won trophies for the best marks every time! I wanted to share this with you as i thought you might want to take part in it too! It is a large competition with 500 people participating for their particular year group and it is very challenging, as you would need to know solutions much harder than Year 8 Maths, and it is also very competitive, so if you are good at Maths and you want to join please contact me for further information.”

Thank you, Krishna and congratulations on your excellent achievements!

And if you need a break after all that hard work, Matthew Sedgewick has got a holiday tip for you:

“At the half term, my family went on holiday to Mauritius to celebrate my uncle‘s wedding. In the first week, we stayed in an apartment overlooking the sea. It was amazing and the weather was perfect. We moved into a house with my cousins for the second week and the wedding was on that Tuesday. The wedding was beautiful and the after party lasted until 2am! The rest of the holiday was relaxing and it was the best holiday I have ever been on.”

…though maybe take it easy on the partying!

Just time for a quick report on the table tennis. Could the Second Year team bounce back with a win? Timmy Lee tells us what happened:

“On Monday 20 November, the U13A Table Tennis team (Arya, Tim, Pranav and Daniel E), faced Bishop Thomas Grant School. Everyone in the team did very well, both in their individual and doubles performances. The overall result was 9-1 to Hampton. This means that we continue with our unbeaten run this season.”

Well done all.

Trivia returns this week in dingbat format. You have to identify the expression from the visual clue below.

First correct answer emailed to me ( earns a merit.

Finally, the Joke of the week comes from Joe Treacy:

Q: Why shouldn’t you give Elsa a balloon?

A: Because she will let it go, let it go!

…also an honourable mention for Mrs Watson-Evans who wins the teacher’s joke of the week for this effort:

Q: Where is happiness made?

A: In the satisfactory

Have a great weekend!