Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

Firstly, congratulations to boys who have reached the following merit milestones:

10 – Tom F, Theo M-C, Marcus B, Barnaby B, Nathan K, Matthew S, Gus C, James O, Alexander H, Jacob I, Praveen K

20 – Harry S, Joe T, Aadam S

30 – Nicholas M

40 – Krishna W

A great effort all, Well done!

There is lots to cram into this week’s blog, thank you to everyone who submitted articles (2P especially) and apologies that we can’t fit everything in but some features will be rolled over until next week. The Second Year boys have been up to a wide range of activities in and out of school. Let’s get the ball rolling…

In terms of sport, last week’s inter form cross-country competition was fiercely contested. The most successful form overall were 2J and the individual champion was Daniel C of 2B who won in an impressive time of 12:17. Congratulations to the following who all ran under 13 minutes: Henry D (2J), Ollie D (2H), Arya L-A(2H), Freddie B (2L) and Louis S-G (2J).

The footballers had a busy week. Joe Treacy reports on the U13A XI:

“On Saturday the U13A team bounced back from their 7-0 defeat to Coombe boys exceptionally. We kicked of against Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, and straight away had chances. Isaac F gave us the lead with a fabulous goal, beating one player in the process. Just minutes afterwards Sam W played a measured through ball and Joseph Treacy managed to get round the keeper. However, he was tripped. Surely a penalty. However the referee did not give it. Not having the two goal lead would prove crucial as the other team scored on the stroke of half time. After the break we did manage to win a penalty and score it (Joe Treacy). The game ended 2-1 after a nervous end to the game.”

And the U13Bs were involved in an absolute thriller:

“After 20 minutes Glynn made the breakthrough and at half time the score was 1-0 to Glynn. In the 90th minute Zach sent a through pass to Euan who put it round the goalkeeper. 1-1 at full-time. The result was the same after extra time so we went to a nerve-wracking penalty shootout which went back and forth until we missed one strike and ended up losing 5-4.”

Thank you William Knowles for that report and to Theo Joy-Page for telling us about the U13C team who had a slight selection issue…

“On Saturday the C team played a fixture against a very difficult team who we beat very closely. It was 4-3. We were in a difficult position because our goalkeeper was away and Ben Hagen went in goal for the first half where we conceded one goal on the stroke of half time. Then in the early stages of the first half where Theo Joy-Page was in goal we went 2-0 down. We then came back and narrowly beat them 4-3 with a goal from Owain at the very end.”


And the rugby players have also had a strong week:

“This Saturday the A and B rugby squads played against Halliford School. The A squad won an impressive victory with our outstanding winger Gus C who effortlessly scored about seven tries. An additional two tries were scored by our excellent scrum half Will A. This topped off two consecutive wins, first against St Paul’s, the second against Halliford. It felt especially great after the fact they beat us 50-5 last year.” – Alexander Hulsenbeck

“This Saturday, the rugby B team played the Haliford B team at home. At first, we noticed the size of some of their players and were worried that we would be thrashed, but we soon found that working as a team was a very good counter to this. Our forwards were very effective in the scrum, and we slowly started to pressure them. With tries from Hal L, James C (our captain) and Freddie L, we played the best match this season, only losing 7 tries to 3. We are very proud of our achievement, as it would have been even closer if we had a counter for their very fast winger….. And most importantly, I stepped someone and they fell over!”

Marcus Bob

If you’re more of a cricketer and can’t wait for the Summer, Ali Jennings has got a suggestion for you:

“On Friday lunchtimes in the sports hall there is an indoor cricket league, open to first and second years. Three teams bat for 15 minutes each, trying to make the highest total. This week was filled with action, with runs and wickets coming fast. I recommend this club to anyone who enjoys cricket.”

And don’t forget, other sports are available out of school as Aadam Shahzad exemplifies:

“Last Sunday I played an under 14’s Hockey match against Ealing. We played with an Under 12’s and 13’s team and it was a well fought match. I played CM and the game was very fast paced. Ealing were 2-0 up with their Under 14’s side. We changed the formation slightly and soon it was 2-2 and in the last five minutes we scored a wonderful short corner and we won 3-2. It was a brilliant match.”

Or perhaps, like Jack Hardy, you’re more of a problem solver:

“During half term I attended the Uk Rubiks Cube Championship. I competed in 4 different events (pyraminx, 3×3, 2×2 and skewb ). I placed in the top 130 for all the events. At the competition multiple National records and one European record were broken for 3×3 one handed. Overall the competition was an amazing experience.”

And Ollie Tang is even tougher than you thought!

“This half term I participated in the Karate World Championships in the UK. Unfortunately I was unable to win any medals since I was placed in an age group with people from Year 10 all over the world. I was there all day on a Sunday, even though my events lasted for a total two hours, due to my massive group of about 50.

In the first round of my first fight I fought the winner of the tournament and got swept, because of this I got a repechage,  which means I got to fight other people who also lost. Still I was unlucky because the person who I had to fight was twice my size and about two years older than me.”

Lastly, it was great to hear that William Aust has been taking on some responsibility in the kitchen. Good for you, William!

“On Sunday, I cooked a chicken stir fry containing noodles, bean sprouts, baby sweet corn, peas in the pod, chicken breasts, red peppers and lots of soy sauce. The meal had starters which were prawn toast and vegetable spring rolls, also with some morish prawn crackers.”

William Aust

I’m sure that was delicious but be warned, the pictures below are not for the squeamish! Here is a follow up to last week’s report of the heart dissection in Think club:


“On Monday the 6th of November, the Think! club pupils went to B5 to perform a pig heart dissection. Our group consisted of Jacob, George, Krishna, Dominic, Hal, Aadam, Luke and I (Akshat). Lately in Think! club, we had been discussing whether the human body has two hearts, the physical heart and the emotional heart. Mrs Garrido-Soriano, our wonderful teacher, had split us into groups and we debated this motion. For a bit of fun, we were told that we may be able to do a heart dissection soon. Then, when I walked into where we usually met, I realised that we were doing the heart dissection that most of us had been waiting for! I rushed to B5, where everything was being rapidly prepared, and partnered myself with Hal. Mr Langdon had very kindly given up his time to demonstrate how we were going to complete this gruesome yet indulging task. Firstly, we obviously needed the pig’s heart. These were wrapped in a plastic bag and we set up our dissection at one of the desks, armed with scissors and probe – a thin, metal stick which we used to poke around and have a look in places around the heart. Once we were ready and we had seen the expert demonstration, which was very detailed and easy to follow, we began our work. Firstly, Hal cut the heart open, to reveal two chambers. Aadam didn’t do the dissection, but instead watched due to religious reasons (and also because he was feeling squeamish!). Next, we had a look on the inside and had a feel of the strong, yet elastic muscle; it was very gruesome yet enjoyable! Finally, we cut up another section and had a look at the aortas and the scientific way that the heart pumps blood around the body. Afterwards, we washed our hands thoroughly and took a few pictures of our amazing ‘sculptures’. Finally, after saying thanking Mr Langdon for his generosity and Mrs Garrido-Soriano for organising this fantastic experience we went to lunch. A massive thank you to Mrs Garrido-Soriano for organising this and to Mr Langdon for helping us in this exciting task!”

Many thanks to Akshat for the report.




Finally, the Joke of the week comes from Charlie Murphy:

Crime in multi-storey car parks…That is wrong on so many different levels.


Thanks to everyone who entered. Trivia will also return next week.

Have a great weekend!