Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

Firstly, congratulations to boys who have reached the following merit milestones:

10 – Sherjeet Khan, Freddy Liang, Freddie Skinner, Fahad Bhaiji, Sam Brewster

20 – Nicholas Murray

30 – Leanesh Sivakumar, George Garofolo, Dominic Must, Aksht Mathur

50 – Luke Trotman (first to visit Mr Knibbs)

A great effort all, Well done!

Sports fixtures seem to start again in earnest this weekend but a few of the footballers were in action last week and there were mixed fortunes for the A team. Joe Treacy reports on the highs:

“Before the game we were all fired up and were in need of a win after losses in the last few, but this game would not prove to be as difficult. We scored our first after a few minutes and after that we carried on our ruthlessness in front of goal. The final score was 9-0 to Hampton, the goal scorers were Alex D (3), Joe T (3), Adam C (1), Sam B (1), Sam W (1) and, including a stunning long range goal from Adam C and a wonderful free kick from Alex. A great result here, and let’s hope we can keep up the good work.”

… and Ali Jennings and Nathan Kent tell us about the lows:

“In our second round County Cup tie Hampton faced a tough Coombe High School team with a lot of talent. It started off as an even game until Coombe scored their first goal, after which there was no let up from their attack. We unfortunately did not test their keeper at all during the match, and had a lot less possession, but it was not completely one-sided: we did have a few chances, but their defence always dealt with it.”

Whilst things were a bit more straightforward for the C team, as Matthew Sedgewick recounts:

“Last Monday, the C team played a football match against Newlands House. The team played well and dominated all throughout the match. In the first-half, only one goal went into the back of net and many chances were missed. During the second half, the goalkeeper made quite a few excellent saves but couldn’t keep out all of the shots.”


Insights from Club-land

Second Years are expected to attend at least two lunchtime clubs and activities (not including team sports) every week. If you’re not sure what to dip your toe in, we will be featuring a few in this blog. Firstly, here’s Timmy Lee explaining why chess club is a great place to hang out with your (check) mates:

“I have been enjoying chess club. It is on everyday in Room 3 – you can just get the boards out and play! It is great fun and it is welcome to all year groups and abilities. Whether you just want to play a casual game, or you want to prove who’s better between you and your friend, it is a perfect opportunity to socialise.”

And if that isn’t for you, it sounds like Tristan Robinson and Jamie Smith have been having a vice time at Technology Club:

“This term I have been attending design technology club. This term we have been designing and producing fidget cubes. We designed them on 2D design, and printed them out on the laser cutter. Every term we put forward ideas for a new project. It is a very fun club and highly recommended, even if you don’t enjoy DT lessons. TR

“During the club, we continued working on our recent project, a fidget cube. We have been working on it since the start of term and almost finished making it. D.T. club is very good because you can learn how to use new tools for future reference so you can be better than the rest of the class. In a couple of weeks we will start a new project so anybody that wants to do the new project, can do so and if they don’t, they don’t have to so you may as well come along and see if it’s good.” JS

Aadam Shehzad aorta to know a bit more about the body after his visit to Think club:

“This week in think club we were in B6 dissecting a pig heart. This was because we were discussing whether the emotional or physical heart was more important and why. We were able to see the way the heart pumped blood around the body and the heart’s four chambers. It was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

And the Lego Robotics Club have even been out on a trip as Fahad Bhaiji tells us:

“On the 8th of November, The Lego Robotics club at Hampton (The FLL) arranged a trip to the local water treatment plant in Surbiton. The aim was to think of a new and improved way of doing something within the physical water cycle. We were greeted by a Thames Water employee named Paul. Throughout the day he engaged us with many fun facts, for example, the Thames Water pipe network has enough pipe to line up around the world three and a half times; experiments including some filtration; and a tour around the plant. My personal favourite was the big stomach (AKA The Digester) as it decomposes solid waste from screening (a large filtration process) and turns it into Bio-fuel. The day was very informative and helpful towards the development of my presentation on an improved water cycle.”

Or maybe you’ve been going to a completely different club – email me about it and you will be featured in next week’s blog (and win a merit of course).

This week’s brainteaser comes courtesy of Arjan Sian. First correct answer with explanation wins a merit.

“There are three people in a straight line and the one at the front of the line is facing one side of a wall. There is one person on the other side of the wall who is facing the wall as well.”

“They are all wearing hats. 2 people are wearing white and 2 black. They are asked to say when they know what hat they are wearing. There is no communication allowed and you can’t look at your own hat. The person at the back can see the two people in front and the person in front of him can see the person in front of him. The two others can just see the wall. Who will know what hat they are wearing and why?”


Finally, there were a record number of entries for Joke of the Week. The judges debated long into the night and eventually decided that the winner is Adam Coombs:

“I wrote a song about a tortilla. Actually, it was more of a wrap”


Thanks to everyone who entered, better luck next week,

Have a great weekend!