Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

I hope everyone had a fantastic half term. Lots of the Second Year students were on exciting school trips to France, Germany or Spain. Let’s hear first from our man in Germany, Aadam Shahzad:

“During half-term 2P travelled to Berlin. I enjoyed this trip and there were many memorable moments. The activities that I enjoyed the most were going to the Bundestag (The German parliament building) as it was interesting to compare our Houses of Parliament to theirs. I also liked the mini-golf as it was a chance to relax and have fun, lastly I found the spy museum brilliant because the many things on display were so interesting and it had some fun games like the  lazer maze and password tester. Overall I enjoyed Berlin a lot and learned a lot.”

Not to be outdone, the 2nd Year French Students had a trip of their own. Conor McNeany reports on a few of his personal highlights from week in Provence:

“On Monday afternoon we went to a nearby ‘accrobranche’ course, where there were zip-wires, tightropes and other obstacles high in the treetops. There were several courses of varying difficulty and a great time was had by all climbing and zip-wiring. On Wednesday we went to the Gorge du Verdun and went canoeing and sailing on one of the lakes. We had a great time paddling, racing and splashing! A great week that was very enjoyable for all.”

The Spanish trip to Barcelona will take place over Easter but three 2nd Year students visited Mallorca on the school tennis trip. Ollie Ross and Ollie Drew have served up a report:

“What’s heavier a tennis ball or a squash ball?

This is one of the many things that we learnt during our 5 day tour on the island of Mallorca. The tennis club was fabulous 18 luscious tennis courts which were mostly filled by hard working Hampton boys. The trip involved: lots of tennis, swimming, sunshine and waffles! Not the whole trip was all about tennis, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the glistening beach! But overall we all massively improved our tennis and we all adapted to the clay extremely well.

The answer earlier was: Tennis ball!”

(P.S. Thanks to the Ollie’s for also providing this week’s trivia question!)

And they weren’t the only ones playing tennis, as Theo Gibson will tell us now:

“Adam C and I went to a tennis camp this half term. We faced some tricky challenges such as trying to hit the ball and keep it on the court. It was a tough battle between Adam and me for second-last place but finally we realised that we were just so dreadfully bad that we came joint last.”

Never mind, boys! You can’t win them all. Lucas Cairns also had some bad luck (although at least he won his game ;)

“It was the first day of term and I was getting up early for a match for my local football team. We were up 1-0 15 minutes in from a bottom corner finish by Daniel Edge. Upon the break of half-time, a nicely placed through ball placed me through on goal, when I felt some cold metal studs in the back of my leg and I went flying through the air and landed on my hand, fracturing the ulna and radius near the top, and now for 6 weeks I can’t play anymore sport.”

Get well soon, Lucas. At least you can comfort yourself with the merit you (and all contributors) receive for being published in this blog. Paddy Quirke also had a big game, and he wasn’t very confident about it…

“On the 21st October, Albie H and I played for our local football team AFC Brooklands in the semi-final of the cup. We faced a team two leagues above us and we instantly assumed that we had lost.

When we kicked off we realised that he game would be very different as we were 4-0 up in 10 minutes of a 60 minute game. We were 8-0 up at half time. After Albie completely ruined their left back several times and scored two, I hit a cross on the volley from the edge of the box which found its way into the top corner (via many deflections). The game finished 13-2 which was the best goal difference ever recorded in our club’s history.”

So there you go: always believe (especially if Albie is in your team). Edward Clark was also on the winning team, albeit with a different shaped ball:

“On Sunday I played a match for the London Irish A team against Old Cats rugby club. The match started at about nine o’clock with Old Cats kicking off. One of the backs caught it, ran through all their players and scored the first try. They kicked off again, this ball was also caught but Old Cats managed to stop the break. I passed the ball to our biggest player, Wade, who burst through their defensive line and scored another try. He then scored a third and a fourth and by this time one of the other team’s players was getting a little bit angry. This player kept giving my team penalties because he was always tackling too high. At half time we were 10-0 up and we weren’t going to stop there. Soon after we had scored another five tries and before we heard the final whistle blow.

Of course, now that we are back at school, Hampton sports fixtures will resume and I would love to hear about any you are involved in. Just send me an email, and then sit back and wait to read your report in this blog next Friday. Some Second Years have clearly hit the ground running this half term and reached the following merit milestones:

Joe T has a terrific ten, Leonesh S has a thrilling thirty, and Luke T has a haughty forty. Well done to all!

Time for one last report but be warned – it’s not for the faint-hearted! Let’s hear from Toby Gwynne about a special edition of Biology Club:

“This week, because it was Halloween, Biology held a special blood and gore club on Tuesday lunchtime. Me, Jamie S, Tristan R, Edwin M, Isaac F and Lucas C went along and we all had a great time. There were sheep hearts, livers, lungs, brains, eyes and even testicles. It was really cool seeing what was inside us and how we work.”

And as if that wasn’t offal enough, here’s today’s Joke of the week from Nick Allen:

I want a crocodile sandwich – and make it snappy!

Have a great weekend!