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1st Year Blog

“Da da da da da da da da da, da da! Da da da da da da da da, da da!”  The more musically astute amongst you will doubtless recognise Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture – the fantastic finale – complete with cannon, musketry and indoor fireworks – to the First Year trip to see Classical Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall last night.  And what a wonderful show it was. We sang. We clapped. We waved little Union jacks when they did the patriotic songs. Everybody seemed to have a thoroughly fantastic time. Many thanks to the Music Society for subsidising the tickets and transport for this brilliant event – I am sure it will live long in the memory of all who attended.

The musical talents of the First Year were on display on Tuesday evening during the annual New Boys’ Concert in the Hammond Theatre.  Aitor M, Theo W, Joseph E, Luc H, Piers M, Matthew V, Ishaan D, Thomas B, Abhishekdev R, Aryan K, Zac D, Ben R, Theo B, Shaurya T, Camilo C and James A all performed superbly on the night, and Mrs Peattie has asked me to pass on her admiration for the skills of all the boys involved. Well done everybody on a wonderfully tuneful evening! I look forward to attending the Christmas Concert myself on the 7 December, where the entire year will be performing!

It’s been a busy time on the sports fields recently. Hayden C sends this match report:

Football Match Report U12B:  Dr Challoner’s Grammar School vs Hampton (2 – 2)

“After a very wet journey to Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, we were pleasantly surprised to find the rain had stopped upon our arrival. We warmed up and the match kicked off at 10.00am; our first game since before the half-term break.  We started well with some good passing and possession but our opposition worked us hard and challenged us for every ball. We lost our momentum however, and Dr Challoner’s punished us for this and they went one ahead with a great shot on goal. We reset ourselves and kicked-off again trying not to think about going one down quite early in the game but we got caught again and ended up 2-0 behind at half-time!  This was not the first-half we had hoped for and after a few words at half-time went back determined to take the game to Dr Challoner’s and change the scoreline. We started this half much better and after a few shots on goal we had the breakthrough we needed and put the ball in the back of the net bringing the score to 2-1.  With increased confidence and more accurate passing we had several chances on goal before managing to force one of their defenders into making a mistake and scoring an own goal. After almost managing to score a third and take the game the final whistle blew and the match finished 2-2.  We certainly had a game of two halves today and look forward to our next fixture where we hope to have a more consistent display throughout the whole game.”


With Rugby and Football fixtures, not to mention the Richmond Cross-Country event over the next few days, I do hope that everybody involved enjoys their sport this weekend.

In addition, I’m sure that all those boys attending this weekend’s mountain biking/board games event at Bentley Copse will enjoy their first experience of the Adventure Society – it is a great trip, Enjoy!

Mr T. Hill