TALK! – Dr Emily Grossman


Hampton welcomed Dr Emily Grossman for our second TALK! of the academic year. Dr Grossman is an expert in molecular biology and genetics and now works as a science communicator, writer and broadcaster.

Dr Grossman introduced our students to the different types of stem cells and how they might be used in regenerative medicine. She discussed how stem cells play a role in replacing organs, repairing tissues or nerves within the body and the regrowth of limbs and finally tackled the question, will we ever be able to re-grow a human being? 

Dr Grossman was full of praise for the Hampton boys:

I really enjoyed my visit to Hampton School today; all the staff and students made me feel so welcome. I was particularly impressed by the variety of intelligent and interesting questions posed by the younger boys during my talk on stem cells. I feel sure that some of them will go on to become pioneering scientists in the future – if they choose to. Science certainly needs great young minds like these!