Third Year Blog

3rd Year Blog

Welcome back everyone after what was hopefully a relaxing and enjoyable half-term break.

3C say that they are particularly happy to be back at School this week.

Well done to all the boys who took part in the Maths Reset Test this morning – you deserve a rest over the weekend after that!

3A were especially looking forward to the Maths reset test – imminent as this report was written!

Forty boys from the Third Year visited the wonderful city of Sorrento in Italy over half term. The boys were well behaved and enjoyed the cultural and educational experience on this fantastic Geography field trip. Oliver Baker and Jamie Harrison (3C) said they thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Jai Saha (3A) enjoyed playing tennis in Majorca – he reports it was very sunny and very hot – plenty of tennis was played!

Freddy Seddon (3C) went to Liverpool over half term and had a tour of Anfield stadium. Hopefully, Mr Klopp paid attention to Freddy’s advice.

Mr Studt reports that the Third Years Henry Ward (3A), Ptolemy Wallace-Jones (3F) and Pallav Bagchi (3J) were great company on the Junior Berlin Trip over Half Term. They even won the Best Berlin Zoo Photo Competiton (photo below) and were rewarded with several bags of Haribo Gummi Bears.

Inter-Form Cross Country

Well done to all the boys who took part in the Inter-Form Cross Country race during Games on Thursday afternoon. A gutsy effort to get round the course on a chilly afternoon. Particular congratulations go to the top 20 finishers – times listed below:

Place Athlete Form Time
1 Louis Middleton 3E 11.10
2 Kabir Sait 3C 11.12
3 Luke Walsh 3A 11.15
4 Alastair Platt 3D 11.25
5 Joe Cowley 3D 11.30
6 Ludo Bellamy 3B 11.47
7 Sam Evans 3H 11.50
8 Ethan Knight 3D 11.51
9 Jonah Blake 3A 11.52
10 Jack De Costa 3A 11.55
11 Oli Verny White 3C 11.55
12 Tomasz Findlater 3H 11.57
13 Nat Woolagham 3C 11.58
14 Finlo Cowley 3A 11.59
15 Ben Freer 3H 12.07
16= Chris Hardy 3J 12.11
16= Zander Wright 3E 12.11
18 Charlie May 3D 12.32
19 Ethan Cox 3J 12.33
20 Ptolony Wallace Jones 3F 11.35