Genocide Awareness Day 2017


More than one hundred pupils from schools across London came together for a Genocide Awareness Day at Hampton School this week. The school children were joined by three genocide survivors who recalled their experiences in some of history’s most tragic and terrible episodes.

Ruth Barnett, who arrived in Britain as a four year old after escaping Nazi Germany on the Kindertransport was joined by Sophie Masereka, who managed to live through the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and Kemal Pervanic who survived the notorious Omarska concentration camp in Bosnia.

After hearing the testimony of the survivors and putting questions to the survivors the young people reflected on what they had learned from the day in a variety of workshops. Some pupil produced pieces of art, others wrote and performed poetry, a group from each school built mini-exhibitions using historical sources whilst others modelled the work of journalists to write press releases about the event.

The event was hosted by Hampton School’s pupil-led Genocide80Twenty campaign group, which works tirelessly to raise awareness of the Holocaust and other genocides. Reflecting on the event Paul Wilkinson, of Hampton School, said: ‘I’ve been touched by the inspirational testimonies of the genocide survivors and it is important that my generation does all that it can to make sure such atrocities never happen again.’