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2nd Year Blog

Some students have absolutely flown out of the blocks this year. Congratulations to Krishna Wijayasingam, Leanesh Sivakumar, Aadam Shahzad, Dhruv Duggal, Nicholas Murray, George Garofalo and Dominic Must who have already got to ten merits, and to Timothy Lee and Luke Trotman who have got to twenty in double quick time. A phenomenal achievement.


Do you want to boost your merit-count? Why not write an article for the blog? Every one that is featured earns a merit.

Let’s move on to a round up of the trip some Second Year students’ trip to LEH for a programme of activities celebrating European Day of Languages. For Cameron Bara-Taylor it was all about the haute cuisine:

“On Friday of last week 3 pupils and I went to LEH for a languages day. We practiced our french cooking skills and made cinnamon swirls , pain au chocolat and of course croissants. After that we drew our breakfast, finishing with a french crossword.”

Jamie Fry enjoyed his ‘pizza’ the action:

“We all enjoyed the Italian speaking session. We learnt to answer simple questions such as our names, how we were doing and our birthdays, as well as numbers up to 100. As a language I had never spoken before I found Italian a very interesting and beautiful language and would love to be able to speak it fluently.”

This event was just the (teu)tonic for Alex Richford:

“One of my favourite parts of the National Languages Day was German Drama in which we were given a German script which did not make any sense and a genre in which to perform. For example I was given comedy.  This was a great introduction to German and was very entertaining as well as being an incredible experience.”

And Tayhin Takhar learnt some new moves:

“Last Friday at the languages day at LEH we had a very exciting flamenco dancing experience . We did a number of activities and then combined them at the end, it sounded great! We would like to thank LEH for a great day!”


Well done to all involved, it sounds like a great day. We are a bit light on sports reports this week so instead let’s focus on some of the clubs and activities that Second Year students have been involved in.

Marcus Bob has been enjoying a brand new club on offer this year:

“At the First Lego League Robotics Club we started to build all of the parts we needed for the course. We split into our teams and built the many props we would have to use once we build our robots. It was very exciting and we got to learn a lot about the challenges that we will encounter in the competition. It also made us play with Lego like crazy five year olds, and our amazing teacher joined in!”

Whilst Akshat Mathur has been expanding his knowledge:

“On Tuesdays, I go to a club called Kids Literacy Quiz Club. It is run by Mrs Colvine and it is really interesting since you learnt lots and have fun. The club is about books and what we do in each lesson is have fun answering questions about books basically. It is really fun and enjoyable and you get to use buzzers to answer the questions. It’s a great experience and Mrs Colvine is a brilliant teacher on this topic so I would recommend this club to everyone in Second Year whether or not you know many books or classics but people just there to mess around won’t be tolerated! This club leads on to quizzes in competitions soon so if you want to be involved in this amusing club and take part in some competitions then come to the library at 12:35 on Tuesday!”

And check out what Dhruv Duggal has been up to:

“I have been playing for Richmond Chess Club and now I have been selected in the School team for my first match coming up on Friday after only 1-2 weeks of going to the school chess club.”

Well done, Dhruv!

Last week’s trivia challenge was won by Timmy L of 2J who correctly deduced that DR B BIKINIS VET unscrambles to form the surnames of Mr Trivedi and Mr Knibbs. This week’s question requires you to find a link:

What word links the following: French eggy bread; Noughties plane crash TV drama; Mr. Hurst of Hampton School; Neverland characters?

A merit for the first few correct answers. Good luck!

Finally, this week’s Joke of the Week was fiercely contested but the winning (related) joke comes from Ben Fryer:

Why is Peter Pan always flying?

Because he neverlands.

Do you know why that joke is so good?

Because it never gets old.

Have a great weekend!