Top Junior Chemist


Sixth Former Sam Reynolds has been recognised as one of the top young chemists in his age group

Sam was one of 7000 pupils from across the UK who took part in the 2017 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. His outstanding result places him among the top 60 students and a recipient of the much-coveted Roentgenium Award. In recognition of his achievement Sam was invited to a residential Chemistry camp at the University of Cambridge over the summer. He says he is delighted to have performed so well:

It was a tough examination and I had no idea how I had done. To receive the highest award is wonderful and has really boosted my confidence.

Hampton’s Head of Chemistry Mr David Schofield warmly congratulated Sam:

The Cambridge Chemistry Challenge is a demanding 90-minute exam sat by Lower Sixth Formers across the country. This year pupils had to tackle problems ranging from the analysis of tap water contaminated with potassium manganate (VII) to working out the intermediate compounds in the synthesis of ethoheptazine. Sam is one of only 60 junior chemists to be awarded the Roentgenium which is a phenomenal achievement.

This is the second time in the past five years that a Hampton Chemist has scored in the top 1% of the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge.