Third Year Team Building

School News

Hampton Third Years took the opportunity to meet their new classmates and mentors in the annual Team Building Day.

Held in the sunshine on the School fields, the tasks required the boys to combine their mental skills to solve the problems, along with an ability to successfully work in a group, collaborating and co-operating to gain points towards the inter-form competition.

Challenges such as Team Skiing and The Giant Spider’s Web encouraged the boys to put their heads together and come up with some original thinking.

Miss Victoria Smith, Joint Head of Third Year, congratulated the boys on their good humour and friendly approach to the day:

The Team Building event allows all our Third Years to develop relationships with their new classmates, as well as their Sixth Form Mentors and Form Tutors. We have a lot of boys joining from new schools and the day helps them to settle in, in addition to encouraging all the pupils to work as a team; a skill that will be vital as they move through the School.