Third Year Blog

3rd Year Blog

Welcome to the first Third Year blog of the new school year.

We will be updating you on a weekly basis during term time on the activities, interests and achievements of boys and tutors in the Third Year. There may even be the odd bit of whimsy…

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Boys in the Third Year at Hampton have got off to a flying start with the highlight of the first week being a day of Team Building challenges in which all nine Forms competed to earn points towards our annual Inter-Form Competition “The Wills Cup” (donated by two former Third Year tutors Mr W. Pope and Mr W. Quayle).

Later in the year more points will be available towards the Wills Cup via a range of activities:

  • University Challenge Quiz
  • Croquet
  • Escape Room
  • Volleyball
  • Athletics
  • Park Runs

Team Building Day gives a superb opportunity for boys joining Hampton in the Third Year to get to know their new classmates in a less formal environment than the classroom. Each Form competed to solve puzzles and complete challenges in the fastest time. Building blocks, spiders webs, buckets of water and desert islands all played their part in challenges that stretched the boys mentally and physically, as well as requiring them to work effectively together.

Much fun was had by all, including the Form Tutors and Sixth Form Mentors who were on hand to give guidance and record the scores.

The results are in!

Final standings and points tally for Team Building Day are as follows:

1st – 3E   205 points

2nd – 3F   177 points

3rd – 3H   167 points

4th – 3C   135.5 points

5th – 3D   131.5 points

6th – 3J   129 points

7th – 3A   125 points

8th – 3B   87 points

9th – 3G   74 points

Congratulations to 3E. We will keep you informed about further Inter-Form competitions and more in future blogs.