Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

A quick review of this week’s ski fixture would be snow bad way to begin. Thanks to Hal Lfor this report:

“At the end of Monday break, the ski team gathered in the reception and boarded a school bus to the Hemel Hempstead. When we reached the slope, the snow was in good condition, but there were lots of people from many different schools waiting for the race to start. The first run started at 2 o’clock, and the standard was extremely high, though Hampton managed to get a couple of skiers near the top of the leaderboard. The race ended at 4 o’clock and the team boarded the bus back to school”

Don’t forget, all Second Years should be attending at least two lunchtime extra-curricular activities in addition to any team sports. Here Aadam S argues the case for Debating Club:

“I enjoy debating club as you learn how to debate and can build your confidence. Furthermore, if you would not like to give a speech you can participate by putting forward your ideas to your group. I would recommend debating as it is an interesting and enjoyable club.”

All Second Years are currently doing work on oracy in PSHE so Debating Club will be a fantastic way to support this. Why not give it a try?

Which club have you been going to? Why not write a short report of what you’ve been up to and receive a merit when it’s published in next week’s blog.


Now let’s have a round up of last weekend’s rugby fixtures:

Gus C reports on the U13A game:

“On the 23rd of September the U13A rugby team played an away match against two teams. We played their A and B team for 15 minutes each way. They were a tough opposition and we lost 30-0 to their A team. However we scraped an impressive victory against their B team, winning 15-10. It was a hard game but we all enjoyed it and are proud of our victory against their B’s.”


And here is Kristian W’s account of the U13A game:

“The U13 B team played a losing, but overall fun away game, last Saturday against the Caldicott Preparatory School’s B team. Kick of time was around 2.45pm, where Caldicott took complete advantage over Hampton’s defending. At half-time, Caldicott had scored about 6 tries against Hampton. Our captain said that we should be more aggressive in the second-half and we duly scored one try, and were nearly able to score a second. Unfortunately, Caldicott scored another 5 tries, before the whistle blew. The game was still a lot of fun for the team and we are still improving.


And the U13A football team were in action too. Here’s Joe T’s report of their thumping victory in this week’s first round County Cup tie:

“We started off the match slowly and before we knew it, they played a ball over the top and we found ourselves one-nil down. However, it didn’t take long for us to figure out that we were the better side and we scored 11 goals before the end of the game. (Honestly, there were so many goals I can’t remember which order they went in!), but the goal scorers were: Joe M-J -2, Issac F-2, Ben R-1, Joe T -3, Alex D -2 and Archie K-1. We are excited for our next game after an astonishing win.”


Of course, this bulletin doesn’t only feature school activities. If you’ve been up to something interesting outside of school, please email in and let me know. This week a very special mention goes to Dhruv D who has achieved the highest possible score his MENSA IQ test. His score of 162 (Top 1%) in the Cattell III B scale exam is the maximum possible score for anyone who is under 18. Congratulations, Dhruv!

But will he win this week’s Trivia competition? Or can you beat him to it?

We’re sticking with anagrams of teachers’ names but this week it is a double anagram. Can you unscramble the following to find the surnames of TWO teachers? First 2 correct answers win a merit:


Good luck!

Finally, this week’s Joke of the Week comes from Daniel E:

Did you hear about the restaurant on the Moon?

The food’s good but there’s no atmosphere.