Second Year Blog

2nd Year Blog

Let’s begin with some reflections on this week’s Biology trip to the Natural History Museum.

Arjun gives us an overview:

“On Tuesday 19 September (or Thursday 21) the Second Year set out to the Natural History Museum to explore the exhibits. We designed our own new creature and discussed how it would be able to survive in the real world. At the creepy crawlies exhibit we learnt about different animals’ specialities. At the mammal gallery we saw a huge, life-sized blue whale. At the human evolution exhibit we observed different skulls. And finally, when we were at the dinosaur exhibit we saw models of what we believe a dinosaur would have looked like. We are really lucky to have a brilliant place close to use that we can visit.”

This was Raffi F’s highlight:

“One of the most fascinating experiences of the trip was going to a workshop called ‘Investigate’! At the workshop, we had the task of studying two specimens of our choice that were quite similar. We then had a desk with lots of tools e.g microscopes, rulers, computers and magnifying glasses. We then weighed our specimens and measured them. Me and my partner chose two beetles. One of them had huge pincers and the other had no pincers. Next, we recorded all our results. At the end we examined different birds eggs and their adaptations. We looked at ostrich, emu and chicken. We then finished the workshop and went on to an exhibit.”

And for Krishna W it was all about the creepy crawlies:

“The insect exhibit was definitely by far the best and most intriguing part of the trip. Our minds were filled with a number of facts when we examined the area. We learnt about how a large variety of Arthropods feed; what tools they represent (e.g barnacles are a type of insect that represents a fishing net); how Arthropods use colour; how they fight and much, much more. I was particularly interested in the life cycle of ants. But most of all I think that this trip was a very beneficial experience and I would like to thank all the teachers involved for taking us there!”


Also this week, some members of the Second Year sloped off to a ski race, Euan G and Toby G report:

“Last weekend, six Second Years represented Hampton in the ESSKIA Ski Competition at Welwyn Garden City Ski Slope. Skis were loaded into the Hampton van which set of for Welwyn where the first ski race of the year for Hampton was scheduled to take place. Once we arrived at the venue skis were unloaded and nerves began to set in.  A large variety of years and forms had come to the race, which also brought in many talented schools. We then got to do a course inspection which is when you go slowly around the course figuring out when to turn and what line to take. Next it was time for the real thing; Freddie L, Hal L, Toby G, and Louis S-G were in the first team and Euan G, Xavier M-M and two other First Years made up the second team. By the time the races we finished the sun had finally come out beating down on the skiers wearing hoodies and gloves.  We all skied really well and we are all proud of our times. Luckily, no one fell over!”

Two Hampton chess teams also competed at the Rapid Play Tournament at Eton College. In a competition with 50+ teams, Hampton acquitted themselves well. Well done to all involved.

There were no rugby fixtures last weekend but the footballers had games on Wednesday against St. Thomas’ School in Clapham. Reports below from Louis S-G, Albie H, Tej M and Lucas C on the U13 B,C,D & E games respectively:

U13B: “On a Wednesday evening Hampton U13B team went up against St Thomas’ Clapham U12/13A team. It was a well contested match between both sides, with nothing much splitting them, but with mistakes that led to goals from either side. The match ended up with St Thomas’ just ending up on top in a seven goal thriller with the final score being 4-3 to them”

U13C: “On Wednesday  Hampton’s Under 13C team took on St Thomas’ at home on the 3G. Hampton won 4-0 with two goals from Owen H one from Albie H and a brilliant goal from Daniel T. It was very enjoyable to play such a great match and we would like to thank the coaches for giving up their time.”

U13D: “The match the D team played was a success as we won 12-0. Yiannis and Daniel were the top scorers and both had a hat-trick. Edwin scored two goalson his debut and one goal was with his ‘signature knee.’ Freddie scored two goals and Taiyan and Theo each scored a goal each. The only chance St Thomas’ had against us was a great attempt but sadly they were offside. ”

U13E: “The E team started the half well with and early goal from Riley as he hit a dipping shot, the goal keeper stood rooted to the spot as the ball went in to the left hand side. Hampton dominated possession and kept the opposition in their own box until a pass from the centre-back went out to midfield and took a shot which was pushed away by the goalie. Five minutes later we were up the pitch on the attack when I played the ball in off the wing which took a deflection and was then finished by Arjan. Riley added a third with a bottom corner finish, securing the 3-0 victory.”

The U13A team also had a long trip to Bournemouth for the first round cup game which they won.

Joke of the Week:

This week’s winner comes from Timmy Lee:

Q: What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A: A gummy bear!

Have you got a better joke? Send it in and it might feature next week.


Merit for the first correct answer emailed into me:

Which teacher’s surname is an anagram of SOLOCHINN?


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Thanks for reading and have a great week!