First Year Blog

1st Year Blog

On Wednesday, a group of First and Second Years visited LEH School to hear author Sophie McKenzie talk about her latest book, SweetFreak. Zac Nolan of 1B describes their visit:

Going to the author visit by Sophie McKenzie at LEH was very interesting. Despite having a female heroine and female author, boys should still read this! Her books are worth a try. She explained that she wrote about bullying so bullies could know what it’s like to be a victim.”

It’s been quite a week for trips, with both the History and Geography Departments taking the boys out for a day. The Geographers took the boys to the South Downs for a brisk tramp up the Fulking escarpment, followed by a walk along the ridge and a descent through Devil’s Dyke.  They got the chance to practise their map-skills, learn about the formation of the South Downs, and debate the future of an abandoned quarry.

The Historians were off to the East Sussex/Kent borderlands, where the first stop was Bodiam Castle. The boys  were given an interesting tour of the castle, before attending a couple of workshops involving medieval weddings, feasts, armour and weaponry! A short coach ride took them to Battle, site of Senlac Hill and the Battle of Hastings (950 years ago), where the boys got the chance to walk in the footsteps of William and Harold.  Next week the two halves of the year will switch and so everybody will get to experience both trips.

This week’s Tutee of the week is Josh H in 1W, we have all been incredibly impressed with the positive attitude that he displayed to his School work, but also all aspects of life at Hampton.

There was much sport to be taken in on Saturday morning, with the U12A Rugby team starting off with a great win against Caldicott school. The U12B’s also claimed a victory with Aneesh Bhandari providing this report:

“We were very excited to get on the coach to go and play our first match as a team for Hampton School against Caldicott School. We were all in high spirits and keen to get our first match underway.

The game started off very well and it was clear from the beginning that we are going to work very well together as a newly formed squad. Within the first quarter we were winning 10:0 with two outstanding tries from Guru N. The second quarter resulted in us conceding 2 tries but with us also managing to score 2 with Guru earning a hat-trick and Ethan F scoring his first for the team, we finished up the second quarter 20:10.

We then played the remaining two 12 minute quarters against a mixture of their U12 rugby teams and again started off very well with Leo Z running halfway up the field before giving a perfect offload to Guru who in turn broke through all the remaining defenders to score another well-worked try for Hampton. In the final quarter we conceded another two tries but quickly answered back with two more brilliant tries from Kenneth L and James G, resulting in an overall magnificent 35:20 Hampton victory. The day was a great success for the B team and I was impressed by the effort every boy put in to win our first match.”


Meanwhile in the round ball game Hayden Christian reports for the U12Bs:

“On the back of our first win last week, we travelled to Glyn School, full of hope. Both teams started off well, quickly pressing each other on the ball, forcing fast passes and quick decision making.  Luckily, an early breakthrough saw Hayden make the most of the opportunity, and scored the first goal of the game.  We had played well in the first ten minutes and were pleased to be ahead, but then came a difficult period that we would all have on our minds for the rest of the weekend.  The boys from Glyn School seemed to come alive and within the next ten minutes we were 4-1 down.  During that short spell, there was nothing we could do could stop them scoring.  We kept our heads; worked hard as a team and by taking our chances we managed to bring the score back to 4-3 at half time, with Finn scoring two great goals.

After some motivational words from our coach we went back out for the second half and played as a team again.  We had the lion’s share of the chances, but faced with a very robust defence and our shots hitting the post or crossbar, we were unable to change the score. Hats off to the Glyn boys on this occasion, as they were the better side on the day.  We look forward to playing them again later in the season.”


Finally, can I take this opportunity to remind you to return your Pastoral Forum slips to your son’s form tutor as soon as possible, as we would like to give everybody the opportunity to get the best possible slot.