First Year Blog

1st Year Blog

It’s been a fantastically busy week as the boys swapped the suburban ambience of TW12 for the tranquillity of the New Forest.

Since we returned your sons to you on Tuesday or Thursday evening, I am sure they have told you plenty about what we got up to, but let me give some highlights.  On the first day, the emphasis was on problem-solving within Forms.  The boys undertook a series of physical and mental tasks, the solution to which always lay in working together.  The boys also got the chance to do a low ropes and a high ropes course, and many surprised themselves by the scale of their achievements.  It was noticeable how much the communication and listening skills improved throughout the day, and you will be pleased to hear how much the boys are now starting to work together as a team.

In the evening, the boys went on a night walk in the grounds of the house.  Without the aid of any artificial light, their eyes soon adapted to the dark, and they were able to navigate round the woods with reasonable success.  Experiments to illustrate the tricks our eyes play on us in the dark, ghost stories and the brewing of pine tea enlivened the experience. Of all the skills learned this week, perhaps bed-making may be one of the most useful, and perhaps the one that needs the most practice!

On the second day, the boys were mixed into new groups comprising members of different Forms.  They first built a series of obstacle courses, around which they had to guide blind-folded and trusting classmates, mentors and even teachers!  In the afternoon, the groups put their new found skills to good use to complete more challenges in order to gain points, which they could later use to bid for barrels, planks and ropes at a raft-building auction.  !

Once the lots were allocated, rafts were constructed and sailed on the lake.  The vessels themselves were impressively seaworthy for the most part, but an unscheduled dip was not an uncommon occurrence! Much merriment was had by all. I do hope that the boys enjoyed their time at Avon Tyrrell, and feel more confident in themselves, within their Forms and the First Year, and as part of Hampton. I am I sure you will join us in thanking the mentors, Form Tutors and Mr Clarke, Mr Walsh and Mr Davieson (our adventurous activities coordinators) for helping to organise and run such a memorable few days.

Have a look at some of the best pics from the trip here:

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We are delighted that Tom O of 1P is this week’s Tutee of the week, he has received this award, as Miss Willett has been particularly impressed with the excellent, positive attitude he has displayed over the first few weeks. In particular, the kindness that he demonstrated toward a fellow tutee in Avon Tyrrell, kindness is one of the qualities that we value the most at Hampton, so well done on a excellent achievement Tom.

Away from Avon Tyrell, we would like to wish some of our sportsmen the best of luck as they pull on the yellow shirt for the first time. Good luck boys!

Mr Hill